Myanmar Review

Burma Review

Activities in Myanmar, Asia: REAL-TIME RESPONSE-VIEW OF THE DEC-CALL FOR PEOPLE FLEEING FROM MYANMAR. Check and book Myanmar National Airlines: View travel reports and find great flight deals for Myanmar National Airlines. A judiciary review mechanism is crucial to the future of the democratisation process in Myanmar.

Do you think about Burma? I' m advising you not to go. - The Burmese Message Board

Do you think about Burma? Afterwards we went to the common touristic hotspots in Yangon, Mandalay, Bagan and Inle Lake. The vacation was very frustrating, because the high points were rare and not too thrilling. The biggest part of the vacation was in Ayurawaddy riverbank, which makes Holland seem like a mountain!

That certainly took place in Burma. In Bagan, one of the high points of the vacation is a sundown from one of the terrace temples. Most of the terraced temples are now off-limits to the general population due to seismic damages, general abrasion and low upkeep. That puts the few open patios under enormous stress.

The pamphlet said we could watch the sun set from one of the quieter churches. It' almost not possible to get on the gangway, and if so, it is hard to prevent being knocked off the gangway. In Amarapura, the group went to a convent to watch the friars eating their meals every day.

When you think about going to Burma, at least you know what to look forward to. Well, I think there are better ways to use up your vacation money.

Getting back from Burma - Advice, opinions, web and iterations

Hello everyone, we recently (OK, February.....) returned from a 3-week journey to Myanmar, so I thought I would exchange some experience here to make scheduling easy for everyone. The itinerary we took was built on reports from those who were there before us. - And three nights in Mandalay was a little too much (especially that we had a shitty hotel):

Classical hotel. You' ll need one full days excursion to see the cities around Mandalay (including the Ubeing Bridge sunset) and make sure you go to the nightly Mandalay wholesaler store (mainly vegetables). - Overall I would say that 2 more than enough week should be enough to see the high points of Burma.

  • You know, Yangon is terrible. Visit the Shwedagon Paya, a square or two and leave the town to see Burma! We have more local people on the beaches than any other tourist (even though it was difficult to find accommodation), a lot of bungalow by the water and fantastic cuisine. Airplanes (it is recommended to conserve your own travel expenses, especially from Yangon to Mandalay and from Bagan to Inle; otherwise it is a 25 hour long coach ride), accomodation, admission is usually charged inUS-Dollars.

Store your funds in a large file or file. The NGWE SAUNG - Silver View has free WiFi (you can go to their restaurants and use a soda pop for free) from 18:00 to 22:00. Sunflower YANGON - Sunflower has free WiFi for our guest. TANDALAY - There is an cybercafe on the corners of84th and 24th Streets (it is one brick from the Classic Park and when you exit the Classic Park you turn right, turn right, turn at the first crossroads and go up one brick and the place will be at the next crossroads).

When you ask for a WiFi passcode, don't modify it so you can use it as often as you want in the next few business hours (nobody really cared that I was there, so I think it wasn't a problem for them). Best in Myanmar, I'd say. We were staying at the May Kha Lar Guest House.

You have WiFi. And I didn't have to prepay them for paying for Wi-Fi. WiFi available for free at Pancake Kingdom, although it's not very good. My guess is Burma must be the surest place I've ever been. I have been told that Burma is being inundated by tourism, that it is too late to see Burma and so on.

Obviously there are visitors, but it is less than in other Asiatic lands and except for two sanctuaries in Bagan, where we were surrounded by busses (and had to breathe in all states of exhaustion, ewww), that was not a big one. And, yes, it's strange to travel in Burma.

IT IS NECESSARY TO BOOK (CALL) IN TIME! Particularly in Yangon. Give a call to a Yangon resort 2-3 wks before your flight (no joke, otherwise you will sleep in the outskirts or at the airport). Outside Yangon it gets better, but to find the better places, you need to call about a month in advance. 2.

To find out how it works, ask the front desk at a nearby lodging to call the place you are going to and they will make the reservation for you (or give you the telephone so you can make the reservation). Accommodation has a list of all Burmese accommodation so they can call places that are not in LP.

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