Myanmar Retirement Visa

Burma Retirement Visa

Do you have any special formalities that you had to complete as a pensioner to Myanmar (e.g. is there a certain retirement visa)? It is only an hour's flight from Bangkok - a very short trip for our first "Visa Run". We' re looking for an apartment in Myanmar to get the right visas etc.

Prerequisites for Burmese citizens living in Myanmar applying for a retirement visa for Thailand. RESETIREMENT (non-immigrant visa "O" or "OA").

Retirement visa requirements in Myanmar

Myanmar is a tranquil and largely unspoilt region that has put its neighbour Thailand in the limelight of the world and is a land that links old and profound cultures with a somewhat oppressive present situation. As a former diktat, taking the step towards a present-day regime, Myanmar is currently not an important target for retirement in Southeast Asia.

Myanmar has a low standard of living and wonderful countryside to offer an enjoyable way of spending time, especially for those who are exhausted from urbanizing. The country's ancient visa and migration system and the country's restricted policy make it difficult to withdraw, however. Is Myanmar offering a retirement visa for foreigners and expatriates?

Burma is largely off-limits to overseas tourists, with the exceptions of short-term travel and very restricted cross-border trade. Therefore, there is no age visa for non-nationals. Any foreigner wishing to retired in Myanmar must use the usual tourist and commercial visa.

Tourist visa is 28 day visa which allows foreign nationals to travel to the Philippines for less than a year. Whilst it is unpleasant for pensioners and expats who want to remain in Myanmar for the long haul, this alternative is perfect for those who want to enter and leave after their visa has expired.

Myanmar's default traveler visa can be renewed for an extra 14 nights at any migration agency. As a result, the overall duration is 42 working nights - anything but perfect for expats looking for a long-term residence in Myanmar. One better choice for long-term expats and pensioners who want to remain in Myanmar is a commercial visa.

There are two different kinds of commercial visa - basic commercial visa for ten consecutive 10 week (70 day technically) from the date of arrival, and longer-term commercial visa for six-month or year. It is both simpler to obtain the first kind of visa and more likely for overseasers.

Contrary to other Southeast Asian nations that issue commercial visa without much research or documentary evidence, Myanmar needs several papers to show that you will do businesses. Are there any requirements to obtain a visa? In order to obtain a commercial visa, you must present a valid identity card that is longer than the length of the visa applied for.

They must also make two colour photographs of themselves available in the correct format. Several Myanmar consulates ask all visa seekers to present a travel document to and from Myanmar. In addition, you must submit a number of documentation stating that you are doing commercial work in Myanmar.

This includes an invoice from the organization you will work with, a corporate registry document or a corporate licence stating that you can work in Myanmar, and an office and point of liaison for the organization or plant you will work with. In general, the amount of documents needed is reduced with the duration of the visa, so that visa seekers who apply for a seventy-day commercial visa do not have to submit as much information as those who apply for a long-term visa.

In order to obtain a long-term visa, you must submit detailed documentation describing your reason for doing business in Myanmar and the main shareholders and staff of the organization you wish to work with. Like with all visa - the more information you can give, the more likely it is that you will be admitted.

Where and how to get a Myanmar Tourism or Commercial Visa? All Myanmar Embassies can be contacted for Myanmar tourism and commercial visa applications. Many Myanmar councils in the neighbouring counties accept a large number of candidates simultaneously and have experience working with foreign nationals to obtain Myanmar commercial and tourism visa.

You can also request Myanmar travel visa in advanced through the Myanmar Visa Website. While, from a technical point of view, Myanmar provides a visa on entry for most overseas travellers, the procedure can be wobbly and untrustworthy. It is best to submit an application on-line if you are going to Myanmar and do not want to stay at the Aiport.

Myanmar is certainly not as open as its neighbours, but it is becoming more and more open to overseas tourists and investments and could soon become a major retirement location in Asia. In the meantime, pensioners looking for a new home in Myanmar may still have to leap through bureaucratic hurdles to remain legal.

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