Myanmar Restricted areas

Burma Sperrgebiete

Myanmar's northernmost city, PUTAO is a mountainous outpost that can only be reached by a handful of foreign travellers. Allowed in downtown, but required in remote areas. Hi, it seems that there are fewer and fewer restricted areas in Myanmar and that the possibilities for free travel are increasing. It is best to stay away from these areas at all costs, to protect yourself from danger and to avoid the anger of the police or the government. Journeys to or from Myanmar via land are possible, but limited to a limited number of border crossings.

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Myanmar's most northerly city is a highland outskirts that can only be accessed by a few migrants. Situated in the spurs of the snow-covered Himalayas, Putao is a gate to the hills that are thinly settled by Kachin, Rawang and Lisu. It is surrounded by hills whose northerly skyline is overshadowed by Mount Hkakabo Razi.

Putao's tours include two-day hiking tours, near Kachin towns, falls and nearby beauties, several-day white water canoeing tours and a ten-day round tour to the top of Phonkan Razi, which at 3,630 metres is the best reachable hiking top in the area. PUTAVAO is isolated from the remainder of Myanmar and can be accessed with intermittent two-week flight schedules.

The Myanmar off-limits zone opening? - The Burma Message Board

The Myanmar authorities are opening new tourist attractions for newcomers. The Myanmar Ministry of the Interior will start new grants on 22 February. It states that most isolated areas and mountains must be opened to non-nationals for better access and security. Sumprabon - Myitkyina Street, Tanai, F- Chindwin Rivers; Kalay,Kalaywa ,Minkin ,Mawleik ,Phaung Byin ,Hommalinn ,Khamti, Lahe', Layshi, F - Kyauk Pyu, Rambree, Mann Aung Islands, MraukU - Kyauktaw - Sittwe Street ;

Gwa - Ngapali Strand - Ann - Mrauk U Street; Yangon - Pyay - Taungkok, Ngapali Strand Street; Bagan - Magwe - Ann - MraukU Street. Naypyitaw, Pyinmana, Tatkone, Le'way, Shwe Kyin, Kyauk Gyi; Street via Bago Yoma Mountains Taungoo - Pyay; Naypyitaw - Taungdwin Gyi; Naypyitaw - Magwe ;

The Myanmar tourism boards do not publish any information on their website. Anyway, it looks like the restricted area is about to open.

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