Myanmar Restaurant near me

Burma Restaurant near me

area' Burmese restaurants - and that was a good five or six locations ago. Our restaurant's goal is to promote Myanmar food through cuisines created by people in the surrounding area and beyond. Yes, you can email me specials and promotions. There is floodlight in the church for safety and comfort. Myanmar Restaurant, Hpa An:


Banny, a Burmese (Myanmar) native, wanted to make room to divide the most valuable meals of his wife and daughter and to enjoy the time-honoured local cuisines. Neighbouring countries (China, India, Laos and Thailand) can influence the cooking, but their own distinctive taste definitely stand on their own. Most meals are made from the ground up with natural resources, with the emphasis on wholesome, lightweight cuisines.

It' always great for exchange between your loved ones. To learn more about Burma's food and our restaurant, read what the LA Times has to say about us. Head Chef Banny has created a special meal for Southern California people.


CELEBRATION TO â PADONMAR RESTAURANT â Welcome to â PADONMAR RESTAURANT â at the Yangon Padonmar Restaurant in Yangon, the Republic of Myanmar's business capitol, is one of the few â fine diningâ restaurants with genuine Myanmar cuisine that maintains the homemade taste and health-conscious use of less edible fat and rigorously NO monosodium glutamate (M.S.G.).

It is not only the international tourist, visitor and indigenous expatriate who are scared to try Myanmar Currys swimming in edible oils, but also the indigenous Myanmarers. Myanmar's ancient traditions of welcoming guests are âthe more olive oils in the freshly baked bread, the more welcome you areâ! The Padonmar Restaurant in Yangon is a member of the recently founded Myanmar Ethnic Restaurateurs Association (Yangon) - EMERA, Myanmar Tourism Marketing (MTM) & Union of Myanmar Travel Association (UMTA).

We offer our services Padonmar Restaurant outside catering at exclusive homes and events. Also aboard the riverboats for Yangon Rivers Sunset tours, full or night trips to the delta area. You can call us during the warm summers or wet monsoons if you are not too far away from the restaurant.

Cookery shows and cookery courses can be organised on demand.

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