Myanmar Restaurant Menu

Burma Restaurant Menu

A Thai restaurant in Lansing, Michigan. Check out the online menu of Myanmar Restaurant and other restaurants in Falls Church, Virginia. Thee Zone Chin Yay (Myanmar spicy soup with fish). Mandalay picture of Mingalabar Myanmar Restaurant: Buffalo Authentic Asian Fusion Food with Sun Restaurant.

Burma Restaurant - Menu & Reviews

"The meal couldn't be better. It' s true Myanmar style but if you want it, it's no big thing. Have a few cocktails and sit down with your escorts and await the great meal. It is ridiculously poor but as long as you know what you're getting into, it's not too distracting from it.

"Dinner." "but that'?s because it's crisp and authentic." Seems the queen only accepts order, facility, bill and it causes slower facility overall." The Myanmar Restaurant offers an excellent Asian, actually more of Burma cooking.

Great cuisine, great services, great prizes.

Myanmar Menu - Review of the Mingalabar Myanmar Restaurant, Mandalay, Myanmar

Some great employees who assisted us in our selection. Many courts came and the employees told them what they were. A great dining event. Wonderful guys, wonderful meals, wonderful restaurant! Mandalay is definitely not a gastronomic place, but Mandalay has pleasantly amazed me in this respect, especially Mingalabar! This was the restaurant we chose for our last supper in Mandalay and Myanmar and it was a very good one.

Before you order, they are serving several Burmese side dishes with an explanatory statement of what they are made of. The main course was curried sheep meat with delicious lenses and fishy seafood (No 11 in the menu). In the end they also offer Myanmar snack made of glutinous raw rices with crunchy green coffee and crunchy cannelloni.

The restaurant is very nice to have supper. It is served very quickly, so that the meals are cooked before and immediately after the order. It' tasty, we had stew, lamb curry and lettuce. Have you been to the Mingalabar Myanmar Restaurant?

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It was delicious, the dark brown paddy-mangoroll! I can' say enough good things about this restaurant! If you are not an experienced buffalo chef, I highly suggest Sun Restaurant to any restaurant in Buffalo. - And that is Danielle S. This is a good restaurant. I' ve never been to Myanmar, so I can't say I know how genuine Burma's food is with Sun.

But the food on offer is very diverse and everything I ordered was tasty. Veganerfreundliche menu is a genuine plus, with marks for everything, which is or can be made vegetarian.

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