Myanmar Restaurant in London

The Myanmar Restaurant in London

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Alumnus opens restaurant in Burma - first outside London

Myinzu Theint, 23, a young woman from Myanmar, whose teenage home was in London, opened Café Mandalay with her boyfriend Ben Popplewell. They would meet in Huddersfield and talk a lot about their dreams of owning a restaurant, but they didn't think it would come soon after graduation.

The Café Mandalay is located just a few steps from the university on Kings Street near the Kingsgate Shopping Centre. Your 40 seat restaurant will have a bright and breezy ambience with a contemporary look that will intentionally contain inappropriate desks and seats, a look that is sure to appeal to a wider audience.

There are Burmese food with British translations on the menus, such as poultry pasta and stewed beef. Mijinzu is the restaurant's restaurant director and responsible for the front of the building, while Ben, a fully qualified chef, will manage the cuisine of Café Mandalay. Myinzu has loved the area since he left London to go to Huddersfield to pursue a degree in chemical engineering because of its many-sidedness. This has been an important factor in the choice of the restaurant's whereabouts.

It also commends the University for its effort to provide the most varied possible study experiences for both UK as well as internat. It regularly organizes activities on the university' s premises to provide them with a forum where they can present the many different civilizations and nations from which they come, such as the Internationale Woche and the Internationale Essens- und Kulturfestival, which has been growing year after year since it was founded five years ago.

To own and run a company is a big responsibility, but Myinzu is optimistic to take on such a big undertaking and blames this on the graduation from the University of Huddersfield. "She added, "Since the chemical engineering course at the university contained a chemical engineering manager training course, I was able to acquire the necessary abilities to take on a leadership role.

They know that their greatest challenges in the coming few moths will be to raise the restaurant's profile.

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