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United Nations experts call for a special report on the situation of women and girls from northern Rakhine. After examining EU development aid to Myanmar/Burma, we concluded that it was partially effective. SEA' s draft final report is now available for stakeholder review and feedback. Burma est Mitglied der Asia/Pacific Group on Money Laundering (APG). Information on Myanmar emergencies and humanitarian crises.

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By 2016, we had a feature report on the pioneering cellular phone revolutionary that led to an exploding use of smartphones and PDA. At that time, fourth-generation service had to be implemented, the speed of the web stayed low in many countryside areas and portable cash was still a fantasy. In 2018, two years later, more and more cell phone providers are running for agent recruitment.

Telenor and Ooredoo are focusing more and more on using their cellular network to gain additional shares of the markets. Tough competitive conditions and lower bandwith have led to price erosion in residential and commercial applications, although speeds and services still lag behind those of wireless devices.

Burma: 2017 Art. IV Consulting

Overall economic upturn has helped export recover and FDI flows remain high. Nonetheless, the rally was somewhat less buoyant than expected and the downward risk has risen. Deferred risk in the bank industry arises after a phase of sharp loan expansion and the adjustment of the bank to the latest regulatory requirements.

In Rakhine's north, the human rights situation has caused insecurity about the financing of developing partners and the mood of international investors. Whilst the immediate repercussions are largely localised, the full impact of the crises and the full cost to society are still developing.

United Nations pundits call for special report on the position of Afghan females and females in North Rakhine State

GENVILLA (28 November 2017) - A group of UN specialists to monitor a blanket agreement on female victims of violence has asked the Government of Myanmar for a special report on the plight of Rohingya woman and girl from the north of Rakhine State. Last weeks CEDAW ( "Committee on the Elimination of All Forms of Women Discrimination"), at a scheduled session in Geneva, set a time limit of six months for the report to be submitted to the UN Secretary-General.

On Monday the application was made to the Government of Myanmar, so that the report should be filed by 28 May 2018. This is only the forth special report which the Committee has asked for since its first meeting in October 1982. Composed of 23 international non-governmental HRSTs, the Committee asked the government to report on a number of questions related to allegations of cases of violence perpetrated against trafficking in children and adolescents in the north of Rakhine State in recent months. 3.

Myanmar, a contracting state to the Elimination of Discrimination against Woman, is required to report to the Committee on the application of the Covenant. It called for information on cases of sexually assaulted men and woman, involving sexually assaulted persons, by state police, and on the number of men and woman who have been murdered during the recent eruption of violent acts or die as a result of other non-natural causes.

The EU also called for information on criminal inquiries, detentions, prosecutions, condemnations and punishments or discipline against offenders, as well as members of the military, who have been found culpable of such atrocities. It also asked for information on: appointing the regiments who have carried out the eviction operation in northern Rakhine State since 25 August 2017 and under whose direction the results of the Tatmadaw investigative team's report, headed by Lieutenant General Aye Whin, on the behaviour of the military during the eviction operation are available; whether all arms of the state securities have been or will be instructed that the use of force, gender-based force, involving sexually explicit acts and other types of sexually explicit acts, evictions and other breaches of aggrevi ations are banned; and that those in charge are persecuted; and

Rohingya woman and girl victims/survivors of such acts; the legal means available to Rohingya woman and girl to assert violation of their human right; the number of Rohingya woman and girl currently being held by state safety forensics; and the gender-specific actions of the State Parties for rehabilitating and compensating Rohingya woman and girl victims/survivors of such acts; number of Rohingya woman and girl who die during birth; the number of Rohingya violently driven away households, broken down by family, and the government's action to guarantee their optional and secure returns, economical rehabilitation and reparation for the accident.

The CEDAW consists of 23 individual international HR professionals who act in their own capacities and not as agents of the States Parties. States that have become Contracting States are required to report regularly to the Committee on how the provisions of the Agreement are being upheld.

In accordance with the provisions of Art. 18(1)(b) of the Discrimination against Woman Agreement (Convention) and Resolution 21/I of 17 November 2018 adopted during the 68th meeting, however, CEDAW agreed to invite the Government of Myanmar to present within six month a special report on the current position of Rohingya womens and youngsters.

Pursuant to the provisions of Art. 18(1) of the Agreement, the Special Report, due on 28 May 2018, should be presented to the Secretary-General of the United Nations.

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