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It' part of the Ministry of Social Affairs, Relief and Resettlement of Myanmar. Donations to this fund will be distributed to organizations working in Myanmar. Relief in Myanmar is a daunting task given the gloomy circumstances. Islactic Relief USA donors support internally displaced people in Myanmar by providing relief supplies such as kitchen sets, clothing and more. Buranmar (Burma) map, Myanmar (Burma) topography, Myanmar (Burma) elevation, Myanmar (Burma) relief, Myanmar (Burma), geographical area.

Burma Emergency Appeal | Islamic Aid UK

At the end of August 2017, the state of Rakhine, Myanmar, was aggravated by a series of armed conflicts that allegedly claimed more than 1,000 lives. Consequently, more than 90% of domestic hot springs are heavily polluted with E. coli and 2,400 cases of severe infectious diabetes have broken out. Islamamic Relief has been working in Myanmar since 2008, providing life-saving relief, nutrition, shelters, and sanitation sets for people who have been internally displaced by conflicts and intercommunal force.

We have reconstructed a school and financed health care through portable boating hospitals that enable us to access remote areas. The evacuation of whole cities resulted in completely evicted congregations that temporarily found refuge in local authorities and schoolhouses. Islamamic Relief continues its ongoing operation in Myanmar and is following the Rakhine state' s crises carefully - please make a donation now and help saving people.

Burma Crisis Assistance Fund

The Canadian government provided more than $37.5 million in 2017 for the tens of millions of people living in Bangladesh and Myanmar affected by the war. Included is $12.5 million for the Myanmar CRISISIS Relief Fund, which corresponds to Canadians' generosity to charitable organizations between August 25 and November 28, 2017 to address this crises.

Myanmar's financial and economic crises have led to another 600,000 Rohingya migrants fleeing to Bangladesh since 25 August 2017, most of them wives and infants. As a result, a human plight of such magnitude that there is an immediate need for coordinated global response. Bangladeshi refuges and reception groups and internally displaced persons in Myanmar are desperately in need of essential needs such as nutrition, cleanliness, housing, refugee relief and healthcare.

Efficient and prompt human aid is vital to meet the immediate life-saving needs of these vulnerable population. To tackle the situation described by the United Nations as "the most rapidly increasing human rights and migration crisis", Canada established the Myanmar CRISISIS Relief Fund on 31 October 2017.

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