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Myanmar Relations India Latest news, pictures and news photos. Signs-language interpreter steals the show at Irma news con. Burma is participating in the search for missing Thai football players. Among them are Rohingya, Chin, Myanmar Muslims, ethnic Rakhine, Mon, Karen, various groups from Kachin, Bamar and Shan. Recent earthquakes in Myanmar.

Myanmar: Reuter's reporters must be fired

Wa Lone and Kyaw Soe Oo will appear in the courtroom today. During the recent Rakhine Army operation they were detained on December 12, 2017. "Wa Lone and Kyaw Soe Oo must be immediately and unreservedly set free. All they have done is to do their legitimacy as reporters.

On 12 December 2017, Walt Lone and Kyaw Soe Oo were detained in Myanmar, Yangon's capital. Government officers have corroborated that the two are under investigation for breach of Myanmar's Confidentiality Act, which provides for a 14-yearjail.

Tight relationships, tensions

Myanmar, SITTWE - More than 600,000 refugees, most of them Rohingya, have left Myanmar for Bangladesh since August, a major emergency in an already serious human rights situation. However, many stay in Myanmar and live in narrow communities under increasing pressures and insecurity. The Sittwe region of Rakhine, Myanmar, has had 120,000 prisoners in detention centres for more than five years.

Her already hard life has deteriorated in recent month. And, because accessibility to these groups is restricted, helpers have difficulty assessing and meeting their needs. Areli and Armju described strained and overcrowded circumstances. They had been in Sittwe for 15 years, but had to move to the concentration camps in 2012 when intercommunal clashes erupted in the state of Rakhine.

When they interviewed in July, they lived with their four kids in a small room separated from their neighbors only by a thin layer of wood. In the small pantry they brought with them, they were washing themselves and their kids with running hot and cold saucepans. Arli and Armju did not have a gig; they were not permitted to go out of the warehouse, and work possibilities in the warehouse were limited.

In late 2016, Arli and Armju took part in a program to enhance the resolution of conflicts, the so-called Peaceful Family Initiative. "I used to be less interested in the kids, but now I am feeling more accountable to them and helping them prepare for school," he added. In fact, he took on the job of milling Thanaka, a cosmetics compound, and putting it on the kids - usually as a mother's job.

"He' s helping me with the kids and we' re arguing a whole hell of a hell of a lot less," Armyu said. These abilities also help to reduce tension with the neighbors. At the beginning of this year, the program was extended to six IDP camp in the Sittwe area to include both Rohingya and Rakhine towns. However, it was abandoned when camp entry was restricted as the August crises took a turn for the worse.

As Baw Du Pha and other encampments became partially open in October, it is still hard to judge how the municipalities operate in the present world. But amidst the immense challenge in Myanmar and Bangladesh, the history of Arli and Armju provides an understanding of how homes find their way in exceptionally challenging situations.

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