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The Yangon exchange rate is often the best. Burma, Republic of the Union of. Donate today what you can. Asterisks indicate that the average rate of change for this period was statistically significant. Myanmar today, very nearly.

With the increase in fish exports, so too do internal fish export costs.

Rising export levels, fueled by the strength of the US Dollars, are the reason for the increase in Myanmar's fishing industry, according to a Myanmar Fisheries Federation officer. Myanmar's stronger US dollars and the fall in Kyoto have made Myanmar's seafood more appealing to global shoppers, resulting in a tightening home economy and rising spot-price.

In recent months, the US Dollar has remained constant at over 1,100 thousand. Despite the increase in raw material prices, the prices of non-domestic consumption (and export) have not increased as there is a good demand locally. Myanmar's naval export generally includes roo, tilapia, crayfish, prawns and shells.

Myanmar's seafood markets hit a low last year when exports of only $400 million were made, but the figures rose continuously in 2015.

Myanmar, Burma Petrol Price, 09-Jul-2018

: We' show the rates for Burma (Myanmar) from 02-Apr-2018 to 09-Jul-2018. Myanmar (Burma) Kyat averaged 855.00 Burma (Myanmar) Kyat with a minimal of 820.00 Burma (Myanmar) Kyat on April 2, 2018 and a maximal of 875.00 Burma (Myanmar) Kyat on May 14, 2018. By way of comparison: The fuel supply cost in the whole country for this timeframe averaged 2,227.50 Burma (Myanmar) Kyat.


Myanmar Live Golden Rate | Burma 22K Golden Rate per Tola/Gram/Ounce | Today Myanmar Golden Rate in Indian Rupees

How high is the Myanmar bullion market today? Today the Myanmar bullion is 55,002 MMK per ounce. 36, today's 916 per ounce in Myanmar is 50,418 MMK. 80, 875 per ounce today in Myanmar is 48,127 MMK. 10, the current rate of 750 golds per ounce in Myanmar is 41,251.80 MMK.

Today, the 24-kt bullion per 10 gram in Myanmar is 550,023 MMK. 58, today's 22ct per 10 gram in Myanmar is MMK 504,188. 00, today's 21ct per 10 gram in Myanmar is MMK 481,271. The current 18ct goldprice per 10 gram in Myanmar is 412.518,00 MMK.

So what was the bullion level in Myanmar last night? In Myanmar last night, the cost of 24 carat per ounce of silver was 54,710 MMK. 36, yesterday's rate of 22 carat per ounce in Myanmar was 50,151 MMK. 20, 21 carat per ounce was 47,871 MMK in Myanmar last night. 60, yesterday's 18 carat per ounce in Myanmar was 41,032.80 MMK.

Last night the cost of 999 golds per 10g in Myanmar was 547,103 MMK. 60, yesterday's rate of 916 golds per 10g in Myanmar was 501,512 MMK. 00, 875 gold per 10 g in Myanmar was MMK 478,716 yesterdays. In Myanmar yesterday's 10 gram prize of 750 golds was 410,328.00 MMK.

How high is the Myanmar exchange rate in Indian rupees? The value of 24 carats of Au per gramme in Myanmar in Indian rupees is INR 2,790. The value of 27 and 24 carats of silver per oz in Myanmar in Indian rupees is 86,786.95 INR. Myanmar's default 22-carat per pound is 2,557 gol.

74-rupees and the cost of 22 carats of Indian rupees per tona in Myanmar is 29,833. 00 Indian rupees. How much is the latest bullion, cookie and coin prices in Myanmar? One kilogram of unadulterated Myanmar Au is 55,002,357. 73 Myanmar Kyat and 10 tona unadulterated Myanmar Au is 6,415,367.

09 Myanmar Kyat. In Myanmar, 1 oz 24k bullion is 1,710,764. Myanmar Kyat 56 and 1 superior 24k set of Myanmar coins is 440,018. 86 Myanmar Kyat. In Myanmar, 916 bullion bullions per kilogram are 50,418,800 MMK. The average of 00 and 916 golden cookies per oz in Myanmar is 1,568,199.98 MMK.

A 22k coin per ruler in Myanmar is 403,350.40 MMK. Which was the highest and weakest rate of bullion in Myanmar? Last year, the highest rate of 24 ct up to 128,435 MMK was registered on March 27, 2018. The highest price of 24 cents per ounce and the lowest price of 24 cents was registered on the 11th July 2017, which was as low as 53,054 MMK. 62 per poun.

Last year's 22 carats bullion dropped to 48,633 MMK. to 11-Jul-2017 per gr. and the 22-carat bullion increased to MMK 117,732. to 27-Mar-2018 per ounce. In Myanmar, what are the different golden trademarks? Myanmar-golds are 375 bullion points solid 24 carats and 585 bullion points (14 carats), 750 bullion points (18 carats), 875 bullion points (21 carats), 916 bullion points (22 carats), 958 bullion points (23 carats) and 999 bullion points (24 carats).

In Myanmar, what are the different karats in color pink? It is used to depict the refinement of fine details of precious metals in a jewel. In Myanmar, 24 karat and 23 karat unadulterated and 22 karat standardized and 21 karat standardized and 20 karat metals, 19 karat and 18 karat metals, 17 karat materials, 16 karat materials, 15 karat materials, 14 karat materials, 13 karat materials, 12 karat materials, 11 karat materials, 10 karat materials, 9 karat materials and 8 karat materials are used.

What is the measurement of Myanmar Au? Jewelry stores throughout Myanmar buy and sale bullion in g, llas, sovereigns, pans, coins and kilos. 1000 milligrammes corresponds to 1 gramme of ore. One tona is 11. 66638038 grammes, 1 royal golden equals 8 grammes, 1 mobile golden equals 8 grammes, 1 oz golden equals 31. 1034768 grammes, 1 kg golden equals 1000 grammes.

Bullion is for sale in kilograms. Golden cookies are on sale in barrels. Golden medallions are available in gram, tola, sovereigns or pavan. In Myanmar, what are the different golden colors? Myanmar goldsmithing is available in different colors. The yellow color is the most common color used in all of Myanmar's decorative exhibitions.

Whitegold is also widely used in Myanmar's jewelry boutiques. Pink is also used for jewelry and green is also available in jewelry boutiques in Myanmar. What is the best way to buy Myanmar golds? As your Myanmar Kyat will lose value, the best place to maintain value is bullion.

Best shapes for holding golds are by minting coins: one oz of Southern African Krugerrands, Canadian Maple Leafs or American Eagles. With the recent surge in Exchange Trading Fund (ETF) investments, the possibility of investing in bullion is even more interesting. If you are reluctant to buy natural bullion but still want some exposition to the bullion, a good option is for you.

If you are a more demanding and seasoned trader, you can expect to be able to trade your money in futures. However, in the derivatives markets you can expect to see movement in both directions. The higher the asking bid, the larger the difference between your firm warrant exercise will be.

If you buy a put, you are expecting the rate to drop. Given the diversity of opportunities to enter the bullion markets, future dealing is the most complicated and, while large assets could be made, they can also be easily overwhelmed in a moment.

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