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Burma is "starving" Rohingya in Rakhine: Myanmar News

Myanmar agencies have mugged, kidnapped and intentionally famished Rohingya men, woman and child to make the lives of the minorities "so unbearable" that they will flee the land, Amnesty International says. The group claimed in a Wednesday morning press release that "ethnic cleansing" is continuing against the Rohingya, almost 690,000 of whom have escaped from Myanmar since the state began forcible repression in the north of Rakhine state last August.

Amnesty said Rohingya groups were looted at check points by members of the police as they tried to escape to Bangladesh and kidnapped wives and children from their communities, causing others to walk in awe. The Rohingya said, however, that the primary cause why they continued to escape the land was a lack of toast. "Dildar Begum, 30, from a small hamlet near the city of Buthidaung, Rakhine, said to Amnesty International, "We couldn't get it.

Most of the famine was due to Myanmar's military operations, which are preventing Rohingya from gaining access to its paddy paddies, market and human assistance, Amnesty said. "Myanmar authorities' conscious action..... are depleting many Rohingya who have tried to stay in their villages," the group said.

The results were drawn from interviewing 11 Rohingya men and eight refugees from their houses in December and January. "Rather than terrorizing the public with murders, rape and the proliferation of burns in Rohingya communities, the main way the police now use more quiet and subtler means to force them out and make their lives so unbearable that they have little choice but to leave," the group said.

Early this past monthly, The Associated Press discovered proof that by the end of August the Myanmar government had slaughtered and interred several hundred Rohingya in massive cemeteries. Myanmar's United Nations High Representative for Enforcement, Yanghee Lee, informed journalists that the murders and the dumping of the corpses had all the "characteristics of gender murder".

Myanmar's military acknowledged in January that it murdered 10 Rohingya found in a collective burial at the end of last year. This confession was made after Myanmar civil servants waived any misconduct or abuse of the group for several month. As a reaction to the attack of the gun group Arakan Rohingya Salvation Mility on frontier guards, the military initiated a violent repression in the state of Rakhine last August.

Since then, about 688,000 Rohingya have escaped Myanmar, Amnesty appreciates, amid records of common murders, acts of sex abuse, deportation and the cremation of other people. Hundreds of Rohingya are still fleeing the land every weeks, Amnesty said in her statement, and added that a scheme to bring Rohingya couples back to Myanmar is "clearly premature".

Bangladesh last months heralded that it would postpone the resettlement of several hundred thousand Rohingya refugees for fear of their security once they do so.

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