Myanmar Rainy Season

Burma rainy season

Burma has a typical tropical monsoon climate with three seasons: the hot season, the monsoon and the cool and dry winter. Some people think that it is not a good time to visit the country in the rainy season. Burma can be very busy during this time, so plan your visit well in advance. I have heard, however, that it is incredibly unwise to walk during the rainy season. in Myanmar's arson and illegal charcoal trade.

The Myanmar rainy season: Causes for traveling - Part One

The rainy season has started and our Yangon based crew is trying to keep as arid as possible. However, we also like the clear night sky, colder weather and richer, more verdant colors around the town. The official rainy season begins in May and continues until September. And Yangon gets the worse of it than any other destination.

It is only rainy in May and June, and in September I know that the worse is over, which makes me optimistic for the next few arid winters. Only because it starts to rain in Yangon and in places like Ngapali Beach does not mean that the whole land will be closed down. Actually, I think that May to September is one of the best times for fearless travellers to come to Myanmar.

Tourist are welcome in Myanmar. Not only in the rainy season! Myanmar's residents receive top grades for the quality of welcome they receive at all times of the year, but in the off-season you can get a more personalised experience thanks to fewer inmates. The best guide can be given more information and care by the hotel and restaurant and the best guide is also more likely to be available.

There are many low season promotion offers in the hotel and cruise industry. In order to attract more people to Myanmar in the low season, hotel and cruise companies often have special prices from May to September. During the rainy season, you' ll be able to experience comfortable temperature! In fact, the hot weather in Myanmar can be depressing from March to May and lunch stops at the swimming pools or in the AC are recommeded.

However, just as the temperature rises to an intolerable temperature, the rain begins and the temperature cools down.

The rainy season in Myanmar - why come to Bagan?

In Myanmar, Bagan is the gem of a fairly large treasure. Bagan covers an area of 40 sq. m. with over 2,000 coupons spreading as far as the eyes can see. Because Bagan has so much culture, most of the people decided to come during the peak travel season from October to March.

Coming to Bagan during the rainy season. So what is the rainy season? The rainy season in Myanmar begins in May and ends in October and is considered one of the most severe monsoon seasons in Asia. It' not uncommon for more than 2,500 millimeters of precipitation to drop in Yangon in less than 5 month.

A whole series of words describe this season, from the monsoon season to the green season. The majority of tourist agencies do not recommend travelling to Myanmar during this time. What effect will this have on Bagan? You may not know that Bagan is in the dry zone of Myanmar.

It is an area in central Myanmar and covers most of the Magway region. This is an area of Myanmar that has little precipitation throughout the year, making the country drier and drier. This means that Bagan only gets about 700 millimeters of precipitation per year.

This is less than Rome, much less than New York and little more than Paris in the same area. All those travel agents who tell you that there will be too much precipitation during your journey are just not it. Of course, it rains sometimes during this season, but not nearly as much as you are said.

When it rains, it is often a dawn showers that allows you to get out and discover the afternoons. One of the advantages of the absence of tourist is that those who come to Bagan in the rainy season can enjoy the panorama with a few other people.

There' s a significant discrepancy between the number of visitors during the rainy season and the remainder of the year and this means that you get a much more personalized visit experiences, additional guidance and much more authentication during your time. Well, hotels are falling. They' re falling a long way in Bagan.

Rather than spending $100 in a 3* Bagan resort, you can now spend the same amount in a 5* luxurious resort. During this time your rates are often cut in half, which means that you get much more for your money. For example, Bagan Lodge can be rented for only $110 per city.

This season can also be described as a Green Season. Instead of the countryside being dry and powdery, the tree, gras and flower have now been revived in full color and by the incidental rains. It' a completely different kind of adventure in Bagan during the so-called rainy season, with much more vitality and vitality around you.

The additional color also results in more wild animals, which is particularly the case with Myanmar poison. So while the remainder of Myanmar gets more than enough rains from May to October, Bagan is a different kind of boiler.

It is possible to get an overseas plane to Mandalay and then get to Bagan by plane, inland plane or even by ferry. Be in Bagan during this magic season.

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