Myanmar Railway Map

Burma Railway Map

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Myanmar's transportation operations consist of four main types of transport: rail, road, water and air. Rail traffic is monopolised by the state-owned Myanma Rails. Myanmar's first railway line, between Yangon and Pyay, 161 leagues away, was opened by the Ir-rawaddy State Railway on May 1, 1877.

However, in 1896, the Irrawaddy StateRailway of Burma Railways Co. Ltd. and when the rental agreement was terminated on December 31, 1928, Burma Railways was placed under the control of the Indian Railway Board. Burma and India were split in 1937 and the government of Myanmar established the Burma Railway Board to look after Myanmar Railways' af-fairs.

The British Governor took over the authority and role of the Burma Railway Board in 1942 and transferred it to a committee of people with the Chief Railway Commissioner as ex-Officio-Chairman. The Railway Board of Directors operated until 31 December 1947. Myanmar became independent on January 4, 1948, and a new Railway Board was appointed, chaired by the Commissioner for Land and Rural Development.

The Union of Burma Railway Board Act was passed on 1 December 1951 and a full-time standing chairman was elected, who was also to be the Chief Executive Officer. On September 18, 1988, the State Law and Order Restoration Council assumed state authority following the transition of the Union of Burma's Socialist Republic to the Union of Myanmar.

Burma Rails Corporation was renamed Myanma Rails on 1 April 1989. On 30 March 2011 the name Union of Myanmar was renamed Republicof the Union of Myanmar, the name of Myanma Railsways has not been altered. May 1, 1877 Yangon - Pyay Line opened. 1 March 1880 Yangon - suburban railway for freight transport.

July 1, 1885 Yangon - Taungoo Line opened. March 1, 1889 Taungoo - Mandalay line expanded. January 1, 1898 Mandalay - Myitkyina line opened. February 5, 1927 Mandalay - Madaya Line opened. 13 January 1930 Mandalay - Myingyan Line opened. May 1, 1959 Opening of the Yangon Circular Railway. January 4, 1990 Mandalay Western Circular Line opened.

2 June 1992 Opening of the Mandalay circuit. The map of the railway system is annexed as Annex "A": The Ministry of Railways shall have MR 3. 1. The Ministry of Railways is responsible for rail and roads; the Ministry of Transports is responsible for waterways, maritime traffic and aviation; the Ministry of Telecommunications and Mail is responsible for telecommunications and postal services.

Myanma Rails is organised on the basis of a system of departments. There are ( ) divisions in the railway system, which are subdivided into two further groups, namely Lower Region and Upper Region. 2 The organisational of Myanma Rails has been reorganised since September 2011. The annual accounts of Myanma Rails are as follows:

Oct; Oct; to Oct; to Oct; to Oct; Myanma Railways has carried various large tonne goods in the last four financial years, in the following tables: 2015 to Oct; ...Military. Mandalay's Ywataung and Yangon's Insein. In Ywataung there is also a railway technical training centre, which was constructed and run with support from Germany.

The Myanma Railways operates an annual daily traffic of 439 train sets. Myanma Railways uses 75 lb RBS, 60 lb RBS and BS 50lb NS, the default length of the bar is 39ft. The replacement of the shortened welding bar is mainly carried out on the Yangon-Mandalay line. Three ( (3) to five(5) shorter welding bars are used in Yangon - Nyaunglaybin, Taungoo - Py- inmana- Myohaung line and Mandalay - Myohaung line.

In Myanma Railways, the types of attachment are canine studs, flexible studs, threaded studs and pandrums for sills. The retention force of the spiked dogs is lower and always causes the splint to crawl. In order to check the creepage of busbars, armatures in feeder pipes and P.C. Sleepers with flexible fixings are usually used in Yangon - Mandalay.

Because of the crawling of the tracks and the fact that the tracks are not sufficiently anchored in the gravel, the ties are not at right angles to the ramp. Most of the railway repair work is carried out by hand by railway support teams. It' made up of a headman, a patrol officer and three more.

Besides the use of a mechanical repair system, work was also commissioned to maintain the tracks. Fast business expansion has placed greater requirements on the sales capacities and efficiencies of the country's transportation and communications networks. As an important instrument for the country's economical prosperity, the German authorities have recognized it.

New railway tracks have made it possible to make better use of the local areas politically, socially and economically. New itinerary 34 mile (. 187. 307 km), 420. - In the meantime, 45 railway terminals were inaugurated. The eighty-six stops in Yan-gon-Mandalay Line have risen with the loan from India.

The axle counters and Solid State Interlocking were developed by Yangon - Mandalay Line Signing up grading and are now available. Then install Computer Base Interlocking System (CBI) at Nay Pyi Taw railway terminal. Before 1988, the main use of plain wires along the railway line of the Ministry of Telecommunications and Information Technology was to communicate with railway terminals for railway use.

Naked ropes were often haunted by thieves, sometimes fractured or severely chopped by fallen knots, many isolators were severely injured and insufficient repairs and servicing led to insecure and bad tension. Yangon Mandalay Railways section has been fitted with fibreglass. After 1989, several new routes and wards were opened in the remotest areas of the countryside, and the following comparison shows the advances in mobile installation between 1988 and 2012.

Sr ( ) (i) Installing an subterranean communications link between Yangon and Alone-Stations. When this section is completed, the entire Yangoncular Line section will be connected to the metro. Rehabilitation of 386 mile (. 617. 60 km) of Yangon - Mandalay highways. Renewal of tracks on various lines.

Expansion of signalling and telecommunications on the Yangon-Mandalay line. Mechanization of railway tracks and purchase of machines and devices for railway tracks upkeep. Yangon-Mandalay railway line (296.8 km double-track) between Yangon and Nyaunglaybin was expanded with OPEC loans for welding tracks and prestressed sleepers, and the following machines and facilities were acquired for the work.

a) stone crusher, (b) track butt welding machines, (c) meter gauge bogie ballast wagon, (d) meter gauge bogie ballast wagon, (e) straightening and tamping machines, (f) concrete sleeper plant, (g) small ice tools & track machines, (h) expert advice, (i) ballast regulator. The railway connection between three Myanmar and Thailand's Nam- tok is a branch line of the Singapore - Kumming rail line project.

ii ) This track line is approximately (263)km long Thanpyuzayat to three Myanmar is ( (110)km and three Namtok in Thailand is ((153)km). iii) From 2005 to 2007 the feasibility study for this railway line was prepared by the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) and presented to each state.

Accordingly, the costs of constructing each railway line were expected to be US$ 246 million for Myanmar and US$ 491 million for Thailand. iv) The building of a hydroelectric power plant in Thailand has caused flooding in some railway areas. A reorientation can be hilly terrain, sharp slopes, high building costs and low traffic of people and goods and more travel times.

vi ) At the Fourteenth Special Working Group Meeting for the Singapore Kunming Rail Link Project, which took place in Vientiane, Laos PDR, in 2012, a Thai spokesman handed in the construction of the new Dawei-Kanchanaburi railway line instead of the old Three Pagoda Pass-Kanchanaburi line. vii)

Since then, the discussion about the connection of Dawei( Myan mar)- Kanchanaburi (Thailand), which will be a new branch line, has taken place. viii) The 23.

Dawei- Banpunamron (Myanmar- Thailand bor- der). i) For Muse-Kyaukphu Rail Transportation System imple- mented by BOT System, China Railway Engineering Corporation-CREC of the Peo- ple's Republic of China and Ministry of Rail Transportation, the Republic of Myanmar in April 2011 in Nay Pyi Taw a Memorandum of Understanding- ing and the Supplementary Memorandum of understanding was ratified in May 2011 in Beijing, China.

ii ) This program is from Rulei of China to Kyaukpyu through Muse, Lashio, Mandalay, Magwe, Minbu and Ann in Myanmar. Myanmar area 8 km to 813. CREC and Myanma Railway's expert teams carried out the surveying, geology and inspection of structures along the suggested orientation.

Myanma Railways intends to debate these questions with CREC. v) The initial MoU ended on 27 April 2013 and on 18 July 2013 a year ex expansion of the MoU was agreed, which also ended on 27 April 2014. vi) The second MoU addendum was agreed on December 2014. i) The lack of connection between Kalay and Tamu is 135 km in Myanmar.

In 2004, a Rail India Technical and Economics Services (RITES) research group conducted the feasability assessment for this connection. ii ) The first Joint Working Group on Railways between India and Myanmar met in Naypyitaw on 16 and 17 January 2013. iii) The lack of a connection between Kalay and Tamu (127.4 km) was debated by both sides.

The Myanma Railways approved the approximation suggested by the 2005 edition of Myanma Railways and both sides decided to produce a detailed project report.

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