Myanmar Public Holidays 2017

Public Holidays in Myanmar 2017

Holidays in Myanmar 2017. March 12, Sunday, full moon day of Tabaung, holiday. Burma 2017 Holidays and National Holidays. Home-Holiday in Myanmar. Holidays in Myanmar 2017.

2012 Myanmar Holidays are now starting

April 8 - The Thingyan Water Festival and the New Year holidays will begin next weekend, and our offices, like many others, will be shut down from April 10-23 to mark the occasion. This is often an employee's only opportunity to go home (if he lives outside Yangon) and see his ancestors.

It' also the wackiest pair of get-togethers in the land, with folks of all age, which unites in general happiness. No one is immunity to splashing during the water festival, not even motorists who do not want to take part but have forgot to close their door and keep their window up.

The Yangon is practically closed because public theatres ( "pandals") with gigs, tubing and mess are being built on the main streets of the town. The flow of people from and after these phases slows down and blocks the town. That year, the administration cut the normally two-week vacation to just one last working day, by succumbing to the pressures of businesses that found that the town and its trade could not be closed for two weekly periods per year.

In the last year and into May there were naked racks at the end of April and other shops because of the overcrowding of ships and pedestals in the harbours for month after the 2-week-holidays.

Personnel trying to work over the holidays can find their commuting to/from the offices challenging, and many local pubs to allow their personnel to get away from work, too. Guide, which is open to visitors via Thingyan, is a useful guide if you are planning to stay in the city. Here is a listing of other public holidays in Myanmar in 2017, as published on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Myanmar.

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