Myanmar Public Holiday 2016

Burma Holiday 2016

01, 04-01-2016, Monday, Independence Day. Survey of the holidays and many observations in Myanmar in 2016. March 23, Wednesday, full moon day of Tabaung, holiday. Long holiday with Maha Thingyan (water festival). Thingyan New Year's Water Festival in Yangon on April 13, 2016.

The Myanmar Water Festival holiday has been cut from ten to five nights.

Many Myanmar-based laborers see this ten-day rest as an occasion to go back to their home communities and see the people. Shortening the pause to five working hours will stop many of these employees from going home this year, which can sometimes take a few working hours. Myanmar Unions Federations - the Confederation of Myanmar Unions (CTUM) and the Myanmar Industries Craft & Services Trade Unions (MICS) - have both made their positions clear to the Ministry of Labour Executive Secretary at Pin-lone hall in Yangon.

And they said that the choice to cut the Tingyan vacation without counseling and paying attention to the worries of the workmen is evidence that the administration does not take them. You said that the goverment must take employees into consideration when making important choices. Myo Aung, the Director General of the Ministry of Labour, said that under the Labour Code, employees receive five public days during the festivities and that in order to make up for the short holiday during the festivities, the employer should grant the employees five more public days during the year.

"I' ll talk to the employer and certainly tell them that they should give a 10 day holiday in the course of the year; but that will be the way for this year, I can't forecast the next year".

The Thingyan Holiday Cut Short

About RANGOON - If you are going to make a long journey during this year's ThinkGyan International Aquatic Day, you may need to make changes to your itinerary. President's Bureau and its spokesman U Zaw Htay have called for a Burmese New Year' s Day reduction from 10 to 5-day. Thursday's Thursday proclamation said the ten-day holiday had hampered offices and bank operations, with transport and goods traffic being delayed due to the long pause.

This states that the Holidays of Thandingyut, Tazaungdine and the World New Year would be added to Thandingyut, but the substitutions are not yet clear. He also proposed that, despite the amendment, officials could still have 10 additional working hours, as initially foreseen. For those who had already made reservations, U Zaw Htay said they could stick to their schedules, but the public holiday was only five full-week.

The Thingyan festival will take place from April 13 to 17. This 10-day holiday began under the former army june in 2007, two years after the Union had moved the administration capitol to Naypyidaw. A lot of officials from the capitol and in-house immigrants from all over the land are returning home for holidays, and those who keep working are earning at least twice as much for their part.

"It' totally unjust to the employees," said an official. Said that officials were not on leave all year round because they worked long hours on workdays, weekend and public holiday. "Thingyan is the only times we all go home to see our families and rest," she said, and added that five is not enough for those who have to travel to their home cities for two-day.

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