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Burma Profile

Burma, country profiles - RTF - RIS. Myanmar's short country profile is aimed at practitioners who want to strengthen the resilience of local communities. National profile on nutrition and child trends. Countries' emission profiles have been underway for a long time. An overview of the Myanmar market for Australian exporters.

Burma Profile

Agroconversion is regarded as the leading cause of Myanmar's deforestation process (Conservation International, undated). In particular, there has been a strong increase in interest in agriculture recently; since July 2013, Forest Trends has announced that since March 2012, 1.4 million hectares have been leased (Woods 2013). Two of the most important hot spots for new agrarian plantations are also two of the most wooded parts of the country:

The Kachin State (a destination for bio-fuel crops and caoutchouc plantations) and Tanintharyi region (mainly palm oils and natural caoutchouc investments) (ibid.). According to the Global Witness survey, more than 2.1 million hectares of farmland have been rented to farms for development since 2013. More than a fourth of this area was expanded into natural caoutchouc estates by 2015 (Global Witness 2015).

A Global Witness survey released in 2015 found that in North Shan State, Myanmar's army had worked with community government and corporations to seize rustic lands. It was then assigned to privately owned businesses and policymakers who built natural caoutchouc estates (Global Witness 2015).

The DFID Burma profile: uly 2017

The DFID sections show how our regional programs are contributing to the implementation of the UK assistance strategies for the 2017/18 to 2018/2019 years. The DFID Profile sets out why DFID is invested in a UK beneficiary of UK assistance, what UK assistance for the future looks like, how we are helping UK beneficiaries make the move, what is being done for the UK, with whom we are working and what our expenditure budgets for the 2017/18 to 2018/2019 years are.

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Agricultural (% of GVA)201427,9Producer price. Farming (% of GVA)201036.9Producer price. Farming (% of GVA)200546,7 At producer price. Industrial (% of GVA)201434,5 At producer price. Industrial (% of GVA)201026.5Producer price. Industrial (% of GVA)200517.5 At producer price. Service and other activities (% of GVA)201437.7On producer price. Value-added sales of goods, rentals, services and other activities (% of GVA)201036.7Producer price.

Value-added sales of goods, rentals, services and other activities (% of GVA)200535.8Producerprices. Employment rate (women/men in %)201475.3/81.2Estimate. Employment rate (women/men in %)201075.8/81.5Estimate. Employment rate (women/men in %)200575,4/80,8Estimate. CPI ('2000=100)2014166Index base: 2006=100. CPI ( "consumer pricelist " 2000=100)2010156break in the period number. Index of farm output (2004-2006=100)20141322013. Index of Edible Products (2004-2006=100)20141312013.

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