Myanmar Problem

Burma Problem

They now have problems in Bangladesh, where they do not receive government support. Myanmar's communities live every day under the threat of landmines that kill, mutilate, prevent people from using their land and hinder development. What's causing problems? ""We will have no problem with the newcomers," he said. Sugarberg recognized the problem and promised to make it better.

Aung San Suu Kyi's Myanmar problem: Where is the business world?

YANGON, Myanmar-Aung San Suu Kyi came to office last year with a lasers focused on ending the uprisings Myanmar has been pursuing for years. But the depleting character of this objective has created a new problem for the Nobel Prize winner: investors' declining trust in her capacity to run a rapidly opening $67 billion global econ.

An economic downturn in long-served Myanmar, also known as Burma, has revealed Ms. Suu Kyi's early restrictions on economic governance, which many had been hoping would be booming after her civilian-led regime had taken the place of a army.....

Myanmar's religious problem

Myanmar's young administration, headed by Nobel Peace Prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi's political group, has been plagued in recent recent months by protest, holy site abuse and confrontation between the State Monastery Board (the governing authority of the monk Buddhaist community) and Nazi Buddhist groups. In Myanmar, anti-Muslim force and discriminations - and more generally conflicts of religion - are naturally high on the list of priorities of many West European nations and multinational organisations.

When external players come with a clear and differentiated view of Myanmar's rich internal policies, the country's various societies can thrive and one of the main drivers of violence can be eradicated. Even more important, it is that achievement or otherwise will be an indication of the wider perspectives of religions in an era of widespread religion, where there is widespread segregation and conflicts.

At the end of April, masses of Myanmar Buddhist demonstrators held a demonstration in front of the US Embassy in Yangon. Organised by the Myanmar Nationalist Network with the assistance and involvement of MaBaTha friars (a monk-led group whose name is an abbonym for the Organization for the Protection of Race and Religion), the demonstrators rejected the use of the word "Rohingya" by US Ambassador Scot Marciel in relation to a Moslem majority in Rakhine State.

You called for the recently arriving embassador to be expelled from the state. He used the word to refer to the casualties of a Rakhine state shuttle disaster, although it later turned out that most of the dead came from Kaman's Islamic minorities rather than Rohingya.

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