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Burma is the new jewel of Southeast Asia, offering everything from mysterious Buddhist pagodas and highland trekking to beautiful beaches and lively cities. Deluxe private travel: this is a great opportunity for you to discover the beauty of Myanmar and enjoy the best services offered in the programs. The Yangon, Bagan, Private Irrawaddy Cruise, Mandalay, Inle Lake & Ngapali Beach. Burma is a world away from the usual tourist destinations. Plan your authentic holiday in Myanmar: book your trip today.

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Once you have made the choice to go to Myanmar, get prepared for a hearty welcome from its people; soft, humorous and inquisitive, the people of Burma will help you make your journey to this charming and restless land the experience of a life time. The first time you come to Yangon, rent a personal Myanmar tour leader to introduce you to Burma's cultural, political and cultural traditions, which will greatly enhance your journey.

Yangon, or Rangoon as it was once called, is the gate to Myanmar for most travellers. You will be accompanied by your travel agent to make your personal Myanmar trip an experience to remember in this intriguing and diverse state. Yangon, Myanmar: Mandalay, Myanmar: Yangon, Myanmar Tour: If you know a Myanmar policy, please submit a bug/fault!

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He was appreciative of his timeliness about our forthcoming experiences. Zaw Zaw Zaw was professionally organised and we saw many beautiful things in Myanmar. By the time my badge was abandoned in a motel, it was on its way to the nearest motel before I even knew it was there.

Being a group of four, we also valued the freedom we had to modify the route as needed or at will. They provided us with a large number of great riders and coaches who knew what was interesting and how to get us there effectively, and who were even able to adapt our timetable to our evolving needs.

Bangladesh and Myanmar Private Tour Package

Consider a religious, Buddhist Southeast Asia country and you probably imagine either Laos or Myanmar; so it's no wonder they complement each other ideally for a culture trip through the area. Discover the enigmatic Luang Prabang with our trips in Laos and Myanmar, enjoy the pasta stalls of the picturesque Vientiane, go on an elegant trip to Wat Phou Abbey and get lost in the enchanting 4,000 Isles that the powerful Mekong has created.

Myanmar, a country that has been secluded from the outside worlds for centuries, enjoys tranquil dusk over the Ayeyarwady in Mandalay; relaxing on the glazed water of Inle Lake as you observe the striking Inle fishers; gliding over Bagan's vast plains of gold-plated stupa; and marvelling at some of the world's most pristine places of worship and the fascinating town of Yangon.

Passion Indocina Travels operates small privately owned groups that are tailor-made to the needs of our clients. The expert insight and unique routes designed by our seasoned professional travelers will make your Myanmar and Laos tours an memorable South East Asia experience. Laos and Myanmar tours show you the best of these sacred countries.

Start your voyage of exploration in the fascinating Yangon, home of the impressive Shwedagon Pagoda. Start your voyage of exploration in mesmerizing Yangon, discover the stunning temple-laden Plain of Bagan and travel around Mandalay's secluded towns before embarking on one of the largest.... Start your voyage of exploration in Yangon, discover the stunning temple-laden plain of Bagan and visit ancient Mandalay towns before watching one of the world's great dusk.....

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