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Princess Myanmar photo

and Yanada Nat Mai, Princess of Burma. A first princess would die here in Ratnagiri, an outcast. Afterwards we return by boat to Mrauk U and stay overnight at Mrauk U Princess Resort. Image of the statue of the Suphankalaya Princess of Siam in Yangon, Myanmar stock photo, pictures and stock photos. The Inle Princess Resort, Inle Lake.

Pedigree of Kingship | The Myanmar Times

However, perhaps, for those who don't know, there is a hint in the few pictures hanging in their half concreted, half timber two-storey building just outside the Shwedagon Pagoda. Thibaw and Supayalat's olive picture, a monochrome photo of their four girls and a moldy portraiture in olive water of the king's youngest girl and her late husbands are shown, just as an average man could place photos of the whole household in the sitting room.

Daw Devi Thant Cin, a descendent of the royal family, lives in this sitting-room. She' a great-granddaughter of the last Myanmar monarch, Thibaw and Supayalat. "The picture remained unfinished," said Daw Devi Thant Cin, proud of the work of art passed down from her fathers, the youngest daughters of the last queen, the 4th princess.

I can' tell her when her dad ordered it. When my dad was still around, we thought his kid would finish the picture. "They come to my place and bid me for it. We can' t sell," says Daw Devi Thant Cin, conservationist and publisher of the environment mag Aung Pin Lae.

It shows another photo in a golden border showing four women in regal costume posing in style for a group photo. Grown up in Ratnagiri, the four girls went to the photo studios without her father's permission. In 1885, when Burma was colonized by the British, the British took the kings, the queens - then with her third pregnancy - and her two girls to Ratnagiri, India.

have been liberated by a little gal in what was then known as Madras. Ashin Hteik Su Myat Paya Galay, granddam of Daw Devi Thant Cin, was borne in Ratnagiri in 1887. Gopal Bhaurao Sawant was the first princess (1890-1947) to marry and had a young woman, Tu Tu Tu (1906-2000), who had 11 offspring still in India.

A second princess (1881-1956) got to marry Kin Maung Lat and adopted a family. In 1915, when the Emperor died, the Empress and her two youngest children went back to Myanmar. Princess 3 got to marry Hteik Tin Kodaw Gyi and had one girl, Princess 4 got to marry U Ko Ko Ko Naing.

They had six babies, all of whom were from this land, the fifth being Taw Paya Galay, by Daw Devi Thant Cin. After all, she became a high-ranking officer with the irrigation department, but she does not own a home or a road. They live in the home that the English gubernatorial monarch gave to their great uncles and share it with the family of two co-us.

"The former UK gubernator gave her son-in-law a 50 square meter site near my great-grandmother Queen Supayalat's funeral so that he could take care of her cemetery. Daw Devi Thant Cin said, "My father's nurse was building the two-story country home. One day a shopkeeper asked to buy the home, but her dad turned it down because he feared it would be turned into a gaming hall.

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