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Be Myanmar's President Thein

Thein Sein, Myanmar's former president, has taken off his formal clothes and hair to join the Buddhist monastic community. You met with Myanmar's President, U Thein Sein, and two key ministers, U Soe Thein and U Aung Min. Burma on the way to full AEC implementation: The copper mine protesters are suing President Thein Sein[Myanmar]. It was the first official visit of a Burmese president to the United Kingdom.

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In 1968, Thein Sein completed the ninth course of studies at the Defence Services Academy with a Bachelor of Arts and subsequently became a Lieutnant. 3 ][5] During his four decades of service, he was regarded as a red tape, not a warrior. He and Thai Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva during a state mission to Naypyidaw in October 2010.

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