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Office of the President of Myanmar Official Website

Myanmar's official mobile office website. Abie (invisible) at the Prime Minister's official residence in Tokyo. Name of the cathedral: Office of the President of Myanmar. It is the official website of the Council of State. Myanmar's official mobile office website.

MYANMAR' s President U Htin Kyaw resigns, quotes need for rest

Burma's President U Htin Kyaw has stepped down for just under two years, the president's office said on Wednesday. The declaration states that the new president will be nominated within seven working day. Currently, the country's vice president, U Myint Swe, a former Lt-General Lt.

Htin Kyaw was the first democratically-chairman after Daw Aung San Suu Kyi's National League for Democracy took over in 2016 after a dramatic win in last year's parliamentary elections. He' a trusted confidante of Daw Aung San Suu Kyi.

To his critics, the quietly speaking older man was only a "puppet president". Whilst he is the formal leader and the constitutional supreme in the country, the level of real government he exercises is dubious. "The woman," as State Councillor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi is called, had already announced during the electoral battle that she would stand "above the president", since the constitution forbids her from exercising her office.

It' an open mystery in Myanmar that has the last word on state issues. Last year the general population began to become aware of the 71-year-old president's illness due to his weak looks and his lack of some state positions.

Deloitte appointed new Myanmar President Secretary of the Treasury, Government & Economy

MYANMAR' s president on Monday appointed 80-year-old Soe Win, a well-known financier, as the next secretary of the treasury after the former one stepped down. Soe Win, Deloitte & Touche's CEO in Myanmar, previously worked for Myanmar Foreign Trade Bank before embarking on a second consulting role as a corporate taxation and investments advisor to multinational companies.

The Parliament has published its bio on its official Facebook page, along with a short article saying: "The Myanmar president has sent a bio of the nominee, Soe Win, for the office of Union Secretary of Finances and Planning." President's Office has not been able to explain why departing Secretary Kyaw Win left the Treasury Department last weekend.

Soe Win came to a state-owned Myanmar banking institution in the early 60s before working as a graduate engineer at the National Westminster Institute and the National Westminster Institute of England in the mid 70s, according to a bio on the Renaissance Institute's website. According to his bio, Myanmar Vigour, a management consulting company he established in 2003, has been a member of Deloitte since 2015.

Almost five decade-long military domination has afflicted Myanmar with impoverishment and bribery. Although the economy is still growing relatively strongly, it has been slowing down with FDI since Ms Suu Kyi took office in 2016.

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