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Japan -yanmar Summit and other meetings (The Prime Minister in action)

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe held a summits and other meetings with H.E. Mr., President of the Republic of Myanmar at the Prime Minister's office on December 14, 2017. Later the Prime Minister held a supper at the Prime Minister's official residence and said in his address: "I would like to welcome H.E. Htin Kyaw, President of the Republic of Myanmar, and his Lady to their trip to Japan.

It is the first visit of the President of Myanmar to Japan and I have been informed that this is President Htin Kyaw's first visit to our land in almost 40 years. It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to Japan on your first visit in 40 years as President.

President Htin Kyaw's sire Min Thu Wun was living in Japan in the 1970' when he was a guest lecturer at Osaka University of Foreign Languages. I' ve heard that there is a increasing wish of the Myanmar citizens to study Japanes. I' m very happy to listen to this, but the appeal of Japan is increasing so rapidly that the training of instructors cannot keep up with the demands.

I therefore ask you all, even those from the business community, to help us send some of our best instructors to Myanmar. More than 20,000 people applied for this year's Myanmar Japanese language proficiency test. Burma also has the world' s 6th highest number of candidates.

Consequently, the need for Japanese experienced employees will increase further. If President Htin Kyaw's dad were still with us today, I think he would be asked to publish a new, up-to-date business and other words of the day as well.

Japan also has a large number of Myanmar enthusiasts. Everybody who comes to Myanmar becomes a big supporter of the state. Also my dad used to visit Myanmar when he was Foreign Minister and he was enthusiastic about the state. Traveling with my dad on his journey to Myanmar, I still recall that my dad said yes to every plea of the Foreign Minister of Myanmar, and then the Director General, who also attended the meet, handed over a piece of paper saying "Minister, please dominate you".

I' m a convinced Myanmar enthusiast and my woman even did her Ph. There are also those who have contributed to the development of our bilateral relationships. It' really is thanks to your effort that Japan and Myanmar have a powerful relation, as we see today.

May I take this occasion to express my sincere gratitude and to ask for your further support in the development of the relationship between Japan and Myanmar.

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