Myanmar President Election

Election of the President of Myanmar

The League for Democracy (NLD) party won landmark elections. The French welcome the election of the new President of Burma under the current Constitution following a democratic electoral process. The White House backed idol San Suu Kyi was brought to power in a landslide election in November. He will oversee the parliament that will appoint the new president. What are authoritarian regimes doing about elections?

Myint elects Win Myint as new President of Myanmar

Aung San Suu Kyi's closest colleague Win Myint has been a presenter in the lower chamber since 2012 and has been overturned for the top ten. However, his part will be largely formal, with Mrs Suu Kyi serving as de facto President. At the beginning of last weeks Win Myint, 66, had been appointed Vice-President, another indication that he would take over the chair.

After the resignation of Htin Kyaw, the other two vice-presidents were Myint Swe, who acted as current president, and Henry Van Thio. According to a declaration published last weekend on the Presidency's Facebook page, Htin Kyaw, 71, is resigning to "take a break. Mrs Suu Kyi, who was imprisoned for years under the Burmese army Junta, must not take over the chair.

Who' s Win Myint? Following the 2015 earthquake-like election, he took a residence in the Tarmwe in Yangon, consolidating his place in the NLD government.

Myanmar focuses on the 2020 election

With the second year of the National League for Democracy's seizure of office approaching in March, thoughts begin to turn to a parliamentary election in 2020. However, gradual advances in election pledges, a lagging economies and the creation of new major factions have posed the question of whether the Greens can reiterate the resounding victory of 2015.

Prior to the 2015 referendum, the NLD was mainly in favour of changes to the 2008 draft constitutional of the armed forces, which will guarantee the armed forces a political voice through a fourth of all parliament houses and the supervision of three core ministries: home affairs, defence and borders. As a constitutionalist, Ko Ni was considered the head behind the creation of the part of the Councillor of State now held by Aung San Suu Kyi, a wise circumvention of the constitutional provision that prevented her from becoming President because her deceased spouse and son are Britis.

Sai Wansai, a politician, said that minimum advances in the country's peacemaking processes are also likely to seriously undermine the NLD's electoral appeal, especially in areas with nationalities. The Khon Ja, Kachin Peacemaking Network co-ordinator, VOA said that the Kachin state's primary infra-structure has been improving since the NLD took over, but that there has been a regression in terms of advances in the peacemaking processes and relationships with citizens.

The NLD has not been "supportive" of the returns and resettlements of those who have been expelled by the conflict, but the peoples who live in these areas would still be voting for the NLD because they do not want to go back to MP.

Diplomats concurred that NLD administrative frustration must be exploited by forming a united group. "Aung San Suu Kyi] has basically failed in her race allotment. The[ Aboriginal Minorities] really thought they now had a civil regime, one that had been fighting for generation after generation to get the Tatmadaw off their hands, that they would have an all-y.

A further determinant that should influence the outcome in 2020 is the formation of a new governing body led by celebrity politicians. Leaders of the 88 Generation Peace and Open Society in December declared that they would register a new government faction, the Four Eights Parties, with the country's electoral group.

It is likely to be led by Ko Ko Ko Ko Gyi, one of the most important students' leaders of the 1988 anti-government revolt. First, they will not get the touch poll from the racial states, and then you have this Ko Ko Ko Gyi faction, which could share the poll," said Sai Wansai. But Sai Wansai said the political group was not clear about the changes.

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