Myanmar Presentation

Burma Presentation

More young people are living in Myanmar than ever before. Becomes an activist in today's Myanmar. Presentation of national identification programmes in Myanmar. In Myanmar and Bangladesh, a humanitarian crisis is developing. Thet Hnin Aung (Members of the Governing Board / Myanmar Industry Craft & Services Trade Unions Federation).

Burma Presentation

For many years, Burma or Myanmar has been ignored and neglected, slandered for much of the nation's history with a violent army regimen, and today it is trying to open up to the outside world and reveal its invaluable legacy of nature and culture to the people. Myanmar was a wealthy state until 1950, but today it is one of the least developed countries in the earth.

Thein Sein focuses on making the business community a top economic focus by addressing the interests of the large global corporations that see great growth opportunities in the state. Burma has been a member of the WTO since 1995 and a member of ASEAN since 1997. It has unbelievable geographic, multicultural and ethnical richness and visitors can only be thrilled by the richness and natural beauties of the landscape, the wealth of architecture and the cordial friendliness of the Burmese population.

Some of the country's major miracles include the archaeological site of Bagan and its hundred sanctuaries, the Mandalay, the spiritual centre of the country's Buddhist beliefs, and even the marvellous ambience of Lake Inle and its Intha people on the Shan plain.

To say nothing of Yangon, the capitol that fell in 2005, it has experienced a total transformation that has gradually recognized the richness of its architectonic legacy, as evidenced by the restoration of many rural monuments during the period when the land was still under the British Empire. The extraordinary richness of this culture cannot make the traveler unimportant.

Aside from the basic treasure of Burma, it is possible to undertake adventure in less overcrowded places, but also full of genuineness and open to new explorations. Prolong your visit to Shan state and explore the ancient climatic resort of Kalaw, or explore the state of Mon and its charming capitol Mawlamyang with its pristine province city. These are just a few of the many in Burma.

As a group, as an independent person, with or without a leader, we will know how to arrange an unforgettable experience that reveals the Myanmar mind and its inhabitants, a experience that brings you close to the hot folk who want to communicate with the outside environment, a experience full of emotion in a land that is still little known, traditionally, even mystically, far away from our Western daily life as well as near us and so very attractive.

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