Myanmar present President

Burma's current president

Aung San Suu Kyi has already said she will control the president, who has "no authority". International independent fact-finding mission to Myanmar. There are eight more witnesses for the government to present. Kameral was also present when Swe called the president. This is Pyawbwe Constituency, a former USDP vice-president member.

Myint elects Win Myint as new President of Myanmar

Myanmar's parliamentary body has appointed Win Myint as the country's next president, a weeks after the departure of his forerunner. Aung San Suu Kyi's closest colleague Win Myint has been a presenter in the lower chamber since 2012 and has been overturned for the top ten. However, his part will be largely formal, with Mrs Suu Kyi serving as de facto President.

Hasin kyaw retired as president last weeks amid increasing healthcare problems. At the beginning of last weeks Win Myint, 66, had been appointed Vice-President, another indication that he would take over the chair. After the resignation of Htin Kyaw, the other two vice-presidents were Myint Swe, who acted as current president, and Henry Van Thio.

The majority of Burmese people do not know what Win Myint's intentions are for the economies, for peaceful coexistence in the restless frontier areas or for dealing with the Rohingya war. You will not find the commotion in Yangon and beyond two years ago when Htin Kyaw was swear in and became the first democratic president without connection to the army in years.

According to a declaration published last weekend on the Presidency's Facebook page, Htin Kyaw, 71, is resigning to "take a break. Mrs Suu Kyi, who was imprisoned for years under the Burmese army, must not take over the chair. There is a constitutional provision which is widely regarded as deliberate removal from power that no one with offspring of another national origin can be president.

Who' s Win Myint?

Mtine Kyaw: Who is Myanmar's new president? global news headlines

Up until last months, few Myanmar residents had been hearing much about the man who has now been re-elected as the next president. 69-year-old youth lover and executive of democratic leaders Aung San Suu Kyi, Htin Kyaw was officially appointed to the office last weekend by the National League for Democracy following weeklong speculations.

This was endorsed by a parliamentary referendum on Tuesday. Htin Kyaw is known in Dutch Liberal Democratic and Reformist parties as a political loyaltyist with close links to Aung San Suu Kyi. "U "U Htin Kyaw, just appointed President by the National Democratic National Democratic Service, is an excellent election, respectful, unquestionably honest and a very kind man," tweets Thant Myint-U, a researcher and grandchild of former UN Secretary-General U Thant.

He is also an officer of a non-profit organization called after Aung San Suu Kyi's dam, a stance respected by NLD MPs, many of whom spend years as activist and dissident before coming to MP. "What I've been hearing about him in the press is good," said Win Htoo, a member of the Ta'ang National Partie.

One of Win Htoo, who is spending much and much effort with civic organizations, said he admires Htin Kyaw's work. Myanmar's election system demands that the president be elected from a list of candidates proposed by the legislature, at least one of whom is elected by the army and who holds a fourth of the parliamentary chair.

Myanmar's condition, drafted by the former reigning army junta, prevents Aung San Suu Kyi - often called the woman by her proponents - from taking over the chair because her kids are Britons. Irrespective of who is president, the real leaders of the NLD are clear to most normal NLDites.

"He may be a good man for the job, but whatever happens, it will be all right because the woman will run the government," said Tin Hla, a restaurateur.

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