Myanmar Precious Stones

Burmese Gemstones

Burma or Myanmar has many deposits of gemstones like ruby, sapphire, jade, spinel and the whole range of semi-precious stones. At the centre of the village of Mogok is a beautiful lake created by digging for gems during the Ruby syndicate era. Stone Shopping Stores - Review of the Myanmar Gems Museum, Yangon (Rangoon), Myanmar

There are two storeys with stores where you can buy nice stones and jewellery for very good qualities and good prizes. It is located on the third level. His good place to see how many stones and gemstones there. Being full of business, can get and negotiate with them. I' ve been to this place three times because it is a pure gathering of precious stones, precious stones and semi-precious stones; don't forget to come to this place early as they will be ready at 4 pm.

You will be surprised by the colourful variety of jade, ruby, moon stone and many other gemstones. When you want to buy gems in Myanmar, this is the most dependable place in Myanmar. Groundfloor, first and second storey are the shop area and the third storey is the school.

Bogyoke (Scott's) Markets is another recommended place to buy gemstones in Myanmar. It' s not said you need to test your negotiating skill in one of these places, but I have the feeling that you are more convinced of the qualities and genuineness of the Myanmar Geisons Museum.

All storeys are full of stores. In Myanmar I met this woman named Zar Lay, who has a store named Gems Paradise and 3 other stores. Impressive about her salesmanship, I purchased 2 collars - a moonstone ring and a beautiful sapphire Jaguary ring.

Have you been to the Myanmar Gems Museum?

Thorn- Tree - Care when purchasing jewellery and gemstones

Hello, Just a caveat to prospective travellers who are planning to buy rock or jewellery in Burma, especially in the museums of gemstones in Yangon (after this kind of adversity must also existed Bogyoke or other.... but I'm talking about what I found). But I was expecting the limits to take the chance to pay more than the cost "locally" (since the jewellery is nice and genuine, that is my business), but not that I have to go riding on the goods...... Here...:

In June 2011 I travelled and the museums stores I was trying to visit: It shows the actual selling cost of the vendor, the certification he needs to buy a much lower cost to buy in order to buy less taxes. Now that a jeweller has "analyzed" the jewellery in France, it looks like this: Whitegold ring is actually ring Jerusalem armour..... from I had just purchased for its large amount of precious metals..... 22ccr. Ring in fact has not a ring is not a ruby: it is a turmaline.....

Jeweller (who knew of other Asian countries, Burma included) said that the purchase of bullion (chains, bands, etc....) was the least dangerous. I won't win the prize in France, except maybe for the ring of sapphires, which I have to rate.

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