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Postal codes (postcodes, sometimes also called postcodes) of the different townships in Yangon are listed below. Postcode database of Yangon (West), Yangon, Myanmar. Sometimes we have difficulties when we have to fill in our postcodes. Here is the Myanmar postcode page. Postal codes for Myanmar can be found under the following link.

Mandalay region postcodes, Myanmar

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It is an honor for all of us to be with you, your families and your boyfriends on your journey to the country that has been lauded since the Golden Country. No. 459(C), fourth floor, room no.(7), New University Avenue Road, Bahan Tsp., Yangon, Myanmar. Number 44, First Floor, Bogalay Zay Street, Botahtaung Township, Yangon, Myanmar.

Which is my postcode for this city?

There is no postal code system good enough to locate you up to a bloc area in Myanmar. If you need to enter your postcode on a website or something similar, you can use this link: While there are some competitive stan-dards that have been designed by business companies to determine your site down to unit levels, these stan-dards have never won enough momentum to be regarded as a viable one.

The postcodes are part of the township, so you cannot find out the entire postal code of the town. and Myanmar postcode will appear.

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Some of Myanmar's small parts on the Thai frontier are under the control of Karen and Mon insurgents. You can find further information under Link to the homepages of the postal offices here, to the postcode pages here and to other private name and mailing pages here. In Burma, the use of salutations is complicated and hard to understand for many people.

Briefly, the salutation is: Most Westerners do not know that these character sets are salutations and are not part of the person's name. Former United Nations Secretary-General Thant is a good example of this.

Of course, it is always incorrect to copy the salutation, for example by typing Mr U Thant. Surnames are usually entered with the title, followed by the surname (if used) and the first name. An elder child may take the surname of the parent, the oldest child the surname of the parent.

In Burma, the nomenclature is generally quite variable, and it is important to ensure that Myanmar designations are stored and used in a database. The Myanmar address is spelled in the format: Although Myanmar has postcodes, they are hardly ever used. Non-national languages will be in English.

This is the mailbox for English language adresses. Postcode is a 5-digit pad, but is often not used. n/a.

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