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Myanmar Post Packages Online provides Origin/Destinations tracking information in one place through Tracking Number, Registered,Parcel,EMS support. What is the reliability of mail to Myanmar? A number of post offices are located in Myanmar.

The Myanmar Post Tracking

Insert a tracing number, AWB or REF number to keep a track of a individual global or national parcel, use the CSV UPS uplink or recovery tracing application to keep a record of several parcels. To automatically notify you when the order is updated, you can sign up for the e-mail distribution alert on the Myanmar Post order tracing results page.

To find out more about a particular monitoring incident, see "Tracking Status Description & Suggestions". The Myanmar Post and Telecommunication (MPT) is a state-owned company in Myanmar under the authority of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology.

Reliable mail services (overseas to Myanmar) - Myanmar Forum

And I wouldn't recommend that you send something of value (valuable to Myanmar's standard of living). They were bought for 20 and sent with the RMA and customs documentation. A fortnight later, my father got a call from the post office in Myanmar to pick him up. As he went there, they asked my father to make $3,000 for customs (YES! $3,000).

3 years later and after an inexplicable number of reasons they let my father gather these vitamin for 300 Kyat. This was after all these changes in Myanmar and Aung San Suu Kyi has become a Member of Parliament. I' m not going to spend your precious little precious valuable experience with the Myanmar Post Office, DHL included, before all these policy changes.

Otherwise, please stay until you return or find someone you know who will be visiting Myanmar. In fairness, if my folks sent me something from Myanmar by registered mail, I usually get it in 2 week.

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Myanmar Post (Burmese: ???????????(??); MLCTS: ??): MJANMA POST ]) is a weeklies paper with its headquarters in Pazundaung Township, Yangon, Burma. The 40-page paper is released in Burmese on a Monday. Myanmar Post was established in 2008 by Win Aung, a business man. This paper is privatly held by United Media Group Co.

which is wholly localised. Leap to the top ^ "Myanmar's special department investigates the finances of news magazines".

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