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Underneath are the light blue buttons that provide context-specific information for the maps when browsing through the page. In order to discuss adding to this portal, please contact aduncan at wcs dot org. Ministry of Foreign Affairs portal. . Just another Golf Channel hosting portal site.

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NEU Myanmar National Trade Portal

in the name of all authorities participating in the import/export processes. This portal provides merchants with information on all legal compliance issues they need to meet in order to conduct their trades. Those regulations can affect a number of governments, and this website will help you find out what each authority needs in terms of your particular work.

The site is expected to provide greater visibility to improve Myanmar's trading economy, boost exports and boost GNP in 2018-2019. Guidebook to Import-Export, at the top of this page, provides a full suite of clear text guides and policies, clearly arranged by subject.

Items on Myanmar Water Portal

Connectivity is the decisive factors for successful management of the world' s waters. Myanmar's watersector has a once-in-a-lifetime chance to use it as a catalyst for advancement. Myanmar is a 24/7 portal that supports desktops and mobiles. It has a dedicated site and a safe member area.

Myanmar Water Portal offers Myanmar Water Community of Practice, Myanmar Water Hub and Myanmar Water Academy the opportunity to exchange information, establish links, co-ordinate schedules, schedule meetings, call up marketing information, look up project information, browse registers (e.g. who is who), etc.

Open Data Portal brings environmental and development data to Myanmar

USAID-backed Mekong Partnership for the Environment (MPE) partner Phandeeyar: The Myanmar Innovation Lab has started an advanced dataportal in Myanmar. Myanmar Open Access is now available to the general population and will collect and support important Myanmar related information on Myanmar, in particular information of prospective geographical importance. It is the Myanmar subsite of the large open Mekong Open Developement open information portal, which collects and contextualises impartial information on developments in the Mekong area.

Myanmar Open Development is administered and operated by Phandeeyar, who created the website on November 22 with a kick-off session to introduce Myanmar Open Development and its work. It also presented open information approaches, presented cases of open information use and provided an opportunity for a podium debate to explore the strength and challenge of data-driven societal groups in Myanmar and the role of governments, co-operations and mass communication in the open information society move.

Creating Open-Delopment Myanmar will reinforce the Mekong Territorial Support Framework by providing a more comprehensive view of Myanmar's and its neighbours' needs for sustainable economic wellbeing. The establishment of a user and contributor communities ensures that information is available and used on the website.

Civilians, as well as journalist and other interested parties, will be better networked and will have better information to enhance their ability to interact with decision-makers. With Open Developing Myanmar, the relationship between MPE and Phandeeyar is helping to improve the accessibility of high-quality and up-to-date information to the general population about the societal and ecological cost and advantages of local community based developments in Myanmar and the area.

The MPE is supporting Open Access Myanmar and its associated Mekong Open Access website as well as other open information initiatives at provincial levels throughout the area. A Vietnam portal will be established shortly. Prior to the opening of the website, Phandeeyar also trained local journalists to tell better data-driven histories about the impact of local community involvement in local community based developments.

Click here to access the new Myanmar data portal. To read about the site and its start, see this history of Frontier Myanmar.

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