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Locate moving companies in Myanmar now! On-line news portal about the plight of the Rakhine Rohingya. Now the power is in your hands and we look forward to bringing you Myanmar Game Portal Mobile! For clarification: We do not operate shops in Myanmar. (" Australien "), The Australian, Sydney Morning Herald, TIME magazine, Washington Post, Boston Globe, The Scotsman usw.

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The Myanmar Job Portal merges online with offline

Work. com. mm, a Myanmar-based employment portal, has dared to enter the off-line press with the launch of a magazine in Yangon. Myanmar Professionals Digest is a new magazine designed to provide professional web accessibility for those who do not have frequent web connections, says, a wholly owned affiliate of Asia Pacific Group ( "APACIG"), a German ventures company founded by Rocket World.

Myanmar's web adoption is low - 1.2 per cent in 2013 - and while investments are being made in providing content on-line, it is hard to stay on-track. Work. com. mm said it wanted to make sure that ambitioned pros have the tools they need to be successful. It said it was leveraging its on-line activities by publishing 7,000 printed issues of the magazine across Yangon.

Burma Guide - IAM

Locate moving companies in Myanmar now! Customs must be attended by the goods proprietor. Name of the goods proprietor should appear on all documentation and packaging and must correspond exactly to the name of the goods proprietor as it is on the pass. Myanmar introduced a new computerised system (MACCS) in December 2016 that will prevent the export of individual securities without an initial notification of imports (ID).

The request for transitory permission must be filed with customs within 3 working nights of the consignment's receipt at Yangon harbor / international airports. Per proprietor of the goods only one ocean freight and one form of freight is allowed duty-free. The customs formalities take about 1 working full working full working week from Yangon harbour / airfield for returned residents, 7 working nights for goods holders with a 70-day visas and about 3 working hours for diplomatic workers.

Approximately 3-5 week period for Myanmar Ministry of Foreign Affairs to obtain the necessary franchising and import permit. Because of the delayed delivery of the VAT exempt document, we can process the consignment both in the sky and at sea with specific order procedures, which take 7 working nights from the moment the goods arrive at the dock.

Returnees must have spent 12 month abroad to be imported free of customs duties. Returnees can bring back used domestic goods duty-free if they return to their private home after their stay abroad. Returners who have not been living abroad for more than 12 month may bring in clothing and textbooks duty-free.

Non-residents may bring used domestic goods and belongings into Myanmar duty-free if they have ambassadorial diplomacy or work for a lawfully incorporated overseas firm or group. Taxes on consumables are payable by all non-citizens, with the exclusion of the diplomat. Any goods brought in duty-free by non-citizens must also be export on the date of Myanmar's forthcoming exit.

A holder of a 70-day visas can bring used domestic and belongings into Myanmar duty-free. Owners of goods must make the renewing page available in time to reissue the transitory entry authorization at custom until the end of the transfer of goods in Myanmar.

Tariffs are levied if the holder of the goods does not hold a 70-day visas. In Myanmar, only international embassies are allowed to bring used cars duty-free. It will take about 7 working nights after your order arrives at the Yangon docks. It is not possible for individual persons to bring in cars. The majority of domestic animals, as well as canines, felines and poultry, can be taken to Myanmar without the need for quarantining.

The Ministry will charge a charge of approx. $5.00 per volume or film. This charge will be recovered from the goods owners. Alcoholic beverages are permitted for private use as long as there are a limit of 5 cylinders. Please note: All such objects found in a home delivery will be seized and the sender will be punished.

Consult the destiny agents to make sure that all preimport prerequisites have been fulfilled, especially in the case of discrepancies in transportation by plane and oversea. Please note: IAM' s custom rules are subject to alteration at any moment with or without advance notification.

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