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Water resource management strategies in Myanmar. The Brain Portal is a training and education company. Myanmar is located in Southeast Asia and is a great nation full of friendly people, impressive pagodas and rich natural resources. I' d like to know if you are interested in appearing on our web portal? Browse a blog of expatriates in Myanmar who live and work in Myanmar.

As we want to tell the Myanmar story (Burma)

Only a few month ago we and our gifted staff chose one of our goals and built something nice to work with. What we wanted was something that would tell a tale and lead you to that goal in a very individual way.

The wow fact of the pictures and tales we wanted to attract readers so that they could see Myanmar (Burma) through the faces of those who were already there or now call it home. Jessica's leader recounts an old popular history among the rare adventures, which exposes as many issues as it responds to.

Traveller Erin Mcneaney uses the big even-handed car - the bike - to discover the less frequented trails of Myanmar's icons of Inle Lake. Myanmar was isolated from the outside world for many years. but we didn't think we could go see her.

Nine times attendee Dustin Main tells why now is the ideal moment to take the leap and see Myanmar (Burma). His humble knowledge of the languages allows him to reveal the few words needed to make a sound from head to toe. An important part of this process was the choice of pictures.

Our picture journalists have used the pictures in such a way that they merge over the course of history. These pictures contain a good mix of breathtaking scenery, characteristic Myanmar (Burma) and some nice human-paintings.

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