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Myanmar's trade repository is a collection of Myanmar's customs and trade laws and regulations and related information. The portal is a worldwide initiative for public art. Myanmar-based job portal mm has ventured into the offline media with the launch of a magazine in Yangon.

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Under the ASEAN Agreement on International Trade in Goods (ATIGA), Art. 13, a website containing all of ASEAN members' custom and commercial legislation is required. i) most-favoured nation and preference duties under ATIGA and other related preference conventions; iii) country of provenance regulations; iv) non-tariff arrangements; v) domestic commercial and custom legislation and regulations; vi) procedure and document requests; vii) management decisions; ix) Member States' authorised economic operators lists.

Myanmar's Trade Repository is the country specific ASEAN Trade Repository. The Myanmar Plan is an ASEAN Trade in Goods Agreement (ATIGA) plan, which in turn is nomenclature-driven. The Myanmar Customs Fare 2012 has 21 sections, (98) sections and the number of fare headings totals 9558.


They show people's attitude to their countries, how they adapt to the changing global environment and how they use it. Roll down to view our government, resource and medium information. Government: 2013 figures that show how citizens see the perception of their own nation's and communities' organisations, how they are participating in civil society and how much they have a say in the state.

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