Myanmar Population Pyramid

Pyramid of Myanmar

The Myanmar population pyramid, as we can see, has a growing type. The Myanmar age structure and population pyramid. population pyramid of Tanintharyi region,. Age-sex pyramid for the Yangon region. Japan's population pyramid was shaped like Mount Fuji, with a broad base of.

Myanmar Age Distribution - Demography

The population breakdown by population is shown here. A population' s ageing population influences a country's most important socio-economic questions. Young people ( "high under-15s ") need to increase investment in education, while older people ( "high-65s") need to do more.

Aging can also be used to forecast possible policy problems. As an example, the fast pace of expansion of a young mature population that cannot find work can cause riots. The population pyramid shows the population' s population' s age and gender structures and can shed light on the countries' biological and societal instability and economical developments.

This population is spread along the horizonal line with men on the right and women on the other. Men and women are divided into five-year old ages, which are displayed as horizonal beams along the longitudinal axes, with the youngest ages at the bottom and the oldest at the top.

In the course of the years, the form of the population pyramid develops due to fruitfulness, morbidity and migratory tendencies.

Burma Infographic - by Luke Stavedahl[Infographic]

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