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Myanmar census 2014: Elderly Population Census - Volume 4-L (September 2017) - Myanmar

YANGON, Myanmar, September 27, 2017 - A new census shows that the number of elderly in Myanmar will almost treble over the next 30 years. The number of those over 60 is to rise from 4.5 million to 13 million by 2050 - 20 percent of the population.

"Both the government and civic life must adapt to the challenge and opportunity of an aging population. Awareness of the growth of older populations and their needs must be reflected in policy and programmes," says Janet Jackson, UNFPA Representative for Myanmar. Myanmar, however, has some significant benefits. The population is aging relatively slowly in comparison to many other regional economies, such as Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand.

By 2050, Myanmar's demographic pattern will be similar to that in Singapore today. Step-by-step changes give the countrys population growth a chance to adapt. Results come from the 2014 thematic report on the elderly population in Myanmar by the Ministry of Labour, Immigration and Population and UNFPA.

It shows that 22 percent of those over 65 still work. "The figures suggest that commercial reality is forcing many individuals to carry on hard physical labor into old ages in order to live. That underscores the need for appropriate welfare ministries, protective measures and policy for the elderly," says Janet Jackson, UNFPA Representative for Myanmar.

The majority of those over 60 were borne between 1925 and 1950. As a result, the literacy rate among older persons is high (20.9 percent). More elderly mothers ('45.7 per cent') are married than older men ('17.4 per cent'), according to the NAP. This is, however, compensated by the established practices of older adults who live with their grown -up kids.

"Whilst most humans are able to live in the midst of a large household, there are still many humans who are confronted with old age by themselves. Burma needs to create security netting for the elderly, such as a general-purpose retirement system," says Janet Jackson, UNFPA representative for Myanmar.

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