Myanmar Political Situation 2016

Political situation in Myanmar in 2016

There are many who have rightly described Myanmar's recent economic, political and social restructuring as groundbreaking. The Myanmar economy will not recover, regardless of politics: One political expert, who has also reviewed the current situation, is filled with information that points to a bad situation in 2016. Agence France-Presse | Wednesday, 13 July 2016. Myanmar Norwegian aid by sector, 2006-2016 .

Burma 2016

Whilst big steps must be taken to foster integrative economic development, capital ist still increasing investors' appetites for it. Aung Aung San Suu Kyi's NLD defeated the governing Union Solidarity and Development Party (USDP) in the November 2015 voting.

It is hoped that the NLD will draw on the effort of departing President U Thein Sein to enhance openness, foster peacemaking and raise expenditure on healthcare and literacy, which has reduced to some extent the burden inherited from decadelong reign. As the new NLD government will give priority to integrative development, the prospects for all Myanmar's populations are much brighter.

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Burma's politics - Commons Bank briefing

The National League for Democracy (NLD) won an unexpected and resounding win in the November 2015 election, which also works well in Myanmar's ethnically diverse states. Aung San Suu Kyi's old acquaintance U Htin Kyaw was presidential-elect on March 15, 2016. He' s the first Myanmar civil premier in over 50 years.

One other NLD supporter is a vice-president, but the other is a former general, Myint Shwe, whose references to reformism are small and who is still a person -designate under US sanction against Myanmar. The present Constitution requires that the main departments - interior, defense and frontier - be staffed with military officials.

NLD has been quite down-to-earth when it comes to the armed forces and its people. Meeting high hopes and keeping the NLD disciplined will be a big challenge for the NLD. The hard-liners of the armed forces also run the danger of trying to destabilize the NLD administration if they question the interests of the war.

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