Myanmar Political Situation 2016

Political situation in Myanmar in 2016

NLD's landslide victory in 2015 has changed the political landscape. ISSN: XXXX-XXXX. POLITICAL TRANSITION IN MYANMAR: INTERNAL DISPUTES AND. (.02.

2016) - Myanmar will release dozens of political prisoners. The Myanmar political landscape is getting messy by Adam MacDonald.

The Myanmar Armed Forces swear to maintain'leadership' in the political arena | News

Myanmar's army commander-in-chief has emphasized that there is a "need" for the army to stay a political entity just a few day before an electoral administration comes to office for the first a fortnight. Older General Min Aung Hlaing, who delivered a Day of Defence Address in the nation's capitol Naypyidaw on Sunday, reaffirmed the military's conviction that it is the country's only uniting strength and guardian of the state.

Although the army had "worked with the regime and the people" to conduct a landmark general elections in November, which were won by the former head of the former Aung San Suu Kyi faction, it was not yet the moment to withdraw from the political stage, he said. "Tatmadaw must be present as the leadership player in domestic policy on the way we position ourselves along the country's past and present situation," said Min Aung Hlaing, pointing to the Myanmar Force.

In a 1962 putsch, the army conquered the country and oppressed all oppositions for years. However, she resigned in 2011 and paved the way for a semi-civilian administration to get ready for last November's elections. One fourth of the parliamentary seat is reserved for non-elected soldiers, giving them an efficient right of appeal against changes to the constitution, and the commander-in-chief retains full command of three major prime ministers.

Over 10,000 soldiers were marching in a 1945 march as a young Nazi leaders, General Aung San, and his supporters in a young Armed Force turned against the Japan armed groups that occupied their state. Before sunrise, several hundred vets, defense attach├ęs and political figures from abroad assembled on a large procession ground to follow the celebration.

Aung San's subsidiary, the head of the NLD (National League for Democracy), Suu Kyi, was noticeably away. The absentee also included President-elect Htin Kyaw, Suu Kyi's hand-picked headman, who will take over on Friday. Defending the Charta on Sunday, Min Aung Hlaing said it had been prepared and signed by "coordinated effort of intelligentsia, multidisciplinary professionals and racial leaders and by a nation-wide referendum", paving the way for the November elections.

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