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Policy watchers aim at the holiday speech of the President of Myanmar

In a Tuesday Buddhist New Year celebration address, Myanmar President Win Myint, who has been in place for less than three months, set out an aggressive programme to improve employment, living space, justice and people' s freedoms, which prompted political experts to criticise that the blueprint did not go far enough to achieve the much needed transformation in evolving democracies.

Win Myint, who took the oath on 30 March to succeed former President Htin Kyaw, spoke in his address on a number of areas where the governing National League for Democracy (NLD) administration will make progress, such as tightening the governance of the" lagging behind" sections of the administration, increasing officials' homes and salaries, expanding the electricity network, expanding roads, lending to small and medium-sized businesses, providing extra funding to college undergraduates, and taking action against bribery and blackmail.

Myint - who as chairman is the second violin of State Councillor Aung San Suu Kyi, the country's de facto head - also said he is empowering Myanmar's judiciary by directing the Supreme Judge and Supreme Court to make sure magistrates at all tiers of the judiciary perform due and orderly oversight with full responsibility and liability.

It also committed itself to intensify the government's effort to avoid violations of international humanitarian law by intensifying co-operation with community-based organisations, civic groups, the press and the population. "It is important that the Commission on Universal Declaration of Human Rights should seek to offer safeguards to guarantee the individual's primary statutory freedoms, individual liberties and the liberty and safety of the citizen in questioning centres, law enforcement agencies, prisons and forced labour centres in all these places without discrimination," Win Myint said.

In the context of the celebration of Myanmar's political prisoner threat, the country's chairman gave clemency on human rights issues to 8,490 civilians and 51 foreign nationals who served time in Myanmar, among them three tens of political detainees. In the north-eastern part of Myanmar, two Baptist leader from the Kachin ethnical congregation were also freed after they served time for slander and illegal contact with ethnical militiamen.

KBC Kachin Baptist Convention (KBC) minister Dumdaw Nawng Lat and KBC juvenile director Langjaw Gam Seng were arrested in December 2016 by troops after giving information to reporters about a local Christian congregation that was reportedly affected by air strikes during conflicts between the ruling forces and guerillas in neighbouring Shen state.

Yet still in prison, however, are two reporter for Reuters news agency that is charged with infringing the country's Official Secrecy Act for their work, which investigates violent acts against Rohingya Muslims by the military in Rakhine State - a crackdown that the United Nations and the United States have said flocks to racial cleanup.

Although 36 political detainees were freed under the pardon, 18 are remaining in various prisons, 74 are in jail and 120 are under trial under home detention, said Bo Kyi, co-founder of the Assistance Association for Political Prisoners, an organisation tracking the number of political detainees in Myanmar.

"We' d like to ask the Mayor to release them too," he said. He said that political detainees who are released often face difficulties in seeking work and are subject to discrimination. Celebrity lawyer Robert San Aung said Win Myint's plans to support the country's justice system should begin with the substitution of some of the country's best lawyers.

Former lower chamber legislator of the Shan Nationalities Development Party and observers of parliamentarian activity and the reforms said Win Myint should concentrate on substituting high-ranking officials who do not work in the interests of the general good and build confidence in Myanmar's mighty warfare. Army officials inspect three major defence and safety departments and retain a fourth of the positions in Congress by nomination, as required by the state.

"He said, "If the country's representative, who is in charge of the country, does not have the power to eliminate or dare not do so, the reforms will not succeed. As Myanmar's armed forces have an important part to play, the Myint administration must use it to gain confidence to help Win Myint achieve his objectives, Ye Htun said.

"He said, "If the US government tries to put something important into practice, such as top corruption officers or those who break the law, it must obtain the approval of both Daw[honorific] Aung San Suu Kyi and the army commander-in-chief. Win Myint, vice second-in-command of the Shan Nationalities League for Democracy, the political group that became the biggest Shan ethnical political group in Myanmar after the 2015 parliamentary elections that put the National Democracy National Democracy League in office, took on his duties because he had not discussed any constitutional changes in connection with the Myanmar peacemaking processes.

"Unless the US presidency works for a peaceful and constitutional change, what the NLD said in its declaration in the elections will be contrary to what it said, and it will also harm the country's policies," he said. Prior to the 2015 elections, the NLD tried to amend the 2008 draft constitutional treaty drawn up by a former army june that governed the nation in order to limit the political powers of the state.

Mr Aung San Suu Kyi leads ongoing peacemaking talks with the government's militarily and ethnically armoured groups to end a decade of civilian warfare and promote intergovernmental reconstruction. It has made the NLD government's primary objective the establishment of a durable peaceful settlement.

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