Myanmar Police Video

Burma Police Video

Burmese police special task force. Myanmar police members are being beaten up by villagers in a video clip entitled "An accident in Rakhine state". Rohingya abuse video arrested by police. Burma police pictures, pictures and stock photos.

Rohingya abuses on video | Myanmar News

The Myanmar government initiated an inquiry into the misuse of Rohingya Muslims by the police after a video in which police officials were beaten and kicked at the week-end became virus. This self-styled movie was filmed by a member of the police on November 5 during the "evacuation operations" in the Kotankauk community in the north state of Rakhine, the State Council Bureau said in a news article quoted in the state news.

According to the media report, three officer in charge of hitting village people have been found and others have been investigated. "Three policemen were arrested now, according to preliminary reports," Zaw Htay, spokesman for the DPA executive said to the DPA intelligence service on Monday. "We' ve established police policies and procedures..... You will be prosecuted under this police law."

This video, which contains pictures that could worry some observers, shows the police banging a little kid around the skull as he goes to tens of village people who sit in lines on the floor, holding each other' s hand behind their beds. Immediately three uniformed officer attack one of the men, beat him with a cane and kick him in the face several times.

MYANMAR' s police were charged with violent extremes when they combed all of the towns in the north of Rakhine, near the country' s west frontier, after fatal police assaults in October.

Rohingya: Video's allegedly showing burnt corpses, Myanmar police shooting kids--

In Myanmar, where Islam and Buddhism meet, tens of thousand distressed Moslem homes are underway. Some 300,000 Rohingya civilists have escaped to Bangladesh since the end of August. A lot of deaths have occurred in the attempt to get out, among them kids and toddlers. Attention: The video in this storyline contains graphical pictures.

The video shows a Bangladeshi side of the Naf River, but disturbed relations pull bodies of deceased babies out of the river - according to Myanmar's police during the cross. Video like these have found their way to Australian residents, among them church director Anwar Sha, who has no contact with the home extended home group.

" In the last two week he has obtained a lot of video from Rohingya civilists and a small number of reporters. "He said that some 30,000 prisoners are being held in the mountains far from Bangladesh. "ever they try to get out of there, the army and police attack them and butcher them.

" Satelite images show that since 25 August 1000s of Rohingya houses have gone up in smoke. "We see the burning of towns on an unprecedented scale," Kayleigh Long, a free-lance Rohingya reporter, said to Lateline. "In many cases there are accounts of men running, the armies shooting at random; men just running away with what they have, and in many cases everything is burnt.

" This video, shot by Myanmar TV, shows his own children's home bursting into flame, according to Mr Sha. "In this video, several apparently frightened couples crowd together in the woods. "Mr. Sha said he didn't know if these men were still here. Approximately 1,000 Rohingya have been slaughtered in the last two wards.

There were five burned objects under the smoldering remnants of a house in this video. One of the villagers said they were burned to death by the police and Buddhist activists a few nights ago. Myanmar's government says Rohingya are going to burn down their own houses. Deakin University' s research on the Rohingya, Ronan Lee, said the present state would be terrible for common Rohingya citizens in Rakhine State.

"Myanmar will conduct their eviction operations until they choose it is to stop them," he said.

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