Myanmar Police Phone number

Burma Police Phone Number

ower Kyee Myin Daing Rd., corner Hnin Si St., Htar Nar Ward AHLN, Yangon, Myanmar. "We will distribute these hotline numbers to passengers and express bus companies.

The Mandalay Vice: Highway route police hotlines established

In order to raise consciousness, labels with helpline numbers are affixed on expedited busses and televised, Police Colonel Zaw Tun Aung of the Highway Police Force said to Myanmar Business Today. "We' re going to hand out these numbers to riders and speedbusses. There' s already a 1880 number, but there are some problems calling this number.

They have 450 police officers in the Police Force and they oversee incidents and crimes that occur along the highways. According to the motorway police, more police will be deployed in the near-term.

Defence says Myanmar police have been holding back Myanmar's testimony from Reuters reporters' phone records.

The YANGON (Reuters) - Dates that could assist the defence of two Reuters reporter who have been charged with holding classified information in Myanmar were lacking in police telephone proofs presented to a prosecutor's tribunal, their attorneys said on Monday. Defenders as Zaw Aung said several pivotal data sets, among them communications recordings from reporters' telephones before their arrest on December 12, were not trapped in a police department statement saying they found on the gadgets that was adopted as proof by the courthouse last month. 12.

It called on the tribunal to ask the public prosecutor's office to provide further detail, as the extra documents would help to unveil "truth and justice". Referee Ye Lwin dismissed the motion and said that further detail was not necessary as an IT specialist had previously shown the police how the data was "systematically" exported from the reporters' telephones.

The Yangon Tribunal has held a hearing since January to determine whether Wa Lone, 32, and Kyaw Soe Oo, 28, are indicted under the State Secrets of Colonies Act, which provides for a 14-year jail sentence in a case that has become a milestone in media freedoms. State Prosecutor Kyaw Min Aung said to the tribunal that the phone call records were not pertinent to the documentation found on the equipment, according to police.

Supposedly, these papers contained secret reports from the authorities and blueprints for the tourist industry on an offshore Myanmar western part. Reuters said after Monday's trial, a second defender, Khin Maung Zaw, said the defence thought that "evidence that was advantageous to the defence was not fully revealed by the prosecution".

Min Aung refused to take a position. The Myanmar spokesperson Zaw Htay was not immediately available. Previously, he refused to go into detail about the procedure or the police inquiry because the Myanmar court was sovereign and the case was underway. When they were arrested, the journalists had been working on an inquiry into the murder of 10 Muslim Rohingya men and young men in a small town in the West Burmese state of Rakhine.

Reporter said they were almost immediately apprehended by family members after being curled up in a Yangon north Yangon restaurants by two police who had not previously known them. It was controversial at earlier questionings whether Wa Lone was summoned to a police appointment or whether he himself was summoned during the hour before the arrest of the newsmen.

Defenders have previously said phone recordings show one of the police officer, Naing Lin, named Wa Lone three times a tag the couple were detained. State Prosecutor Kyaw Min Aung said to the tribunal on Monday that Naing Lin said during his statement that he had not appealed to Wa Lone on 12 December, but that the journalist had summoned him for a rally.

Police captain Moe Yan Naing last months said that a high-ranking official had ordered Naing Lin to set up a meet with Wa Lone and give him classified papers to "catch" the report. When Naing Lin said that last months testimony. Moe Yan Naing was convicted to one year in prison for breach of police regulations and expelled from the police dormitory after his arrival in the courtroom.

The police said that the evacuation and his conviction had nothing to do with his statement.

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