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Mandalay's main attractions are Manadalay Hill, Mandalay Palace and a series of pagodas. When in Mandalay, you should definitely visit Mount Popa. It is one of the best sights in Myanmar, especially if you like hiking. The Shan state is in Myanmar. Design your holiday with our Myanmar Trip Builder tool to create an adventure that suits you.

shredagon pagoda (yangon)

Burma is a buddhistic land with literally a thousand pilgrims, shrines and stupas as well as a wealth of ancient civilizations. Myanmar has been in Indochina for the last few years and is considered one of the most appealing travel destination in the area. Below are some of Myanmar's most important sights. The Shwedagon is considered the gold icon of Myanmar.

It is 2500 years old and legend has it that Shwedagon was conceived before the Shakyamuni Buddha's time. This is the holiest sanctuary in Myanmar, which contains many of Myanmar's Buddha's treasures. In spite of all wars and catastrophes, Shwedagon is still a magnificent sanctuary and keeps its pristine look.

More than 200 kilometres from Yangon and situated at an altitude of 1,100 metres, Golden rock forms a captivating community together with a small silhouette called Kyaiktyo. These rocks are in a shaky location on the outskirts of Mount Kyaiktiyo, Burma, but they are very stable and hard to move. The Golden Skirt and Kyaiktiyo pagodas will become a touristic destination in Myanmar.

It' s certain that foreigners will be amazed when they admire a cliff coated in leaf-glass, and a coupé on the top of the Mt. When you come to Bagan, you should go to the Shwesandaw pit at twilight to observe the sundown. Here stands the whole Bagan with thousand of large and small Pagoden, Tempeln and turrets in the weak candlelight, which bring the breath-robbing window blind.

Mandalay, the old city of Myanmar, is home to so many monasteries, shrines and churches. The Mahamuni Tempel is a well-known Mandalay icon. Construction of this shrine began in the eighteenth cen. The 1.3 km long Ubeinbrücke is the longest wooden arch in Amarapura, the antique town.

The Amarapura Villagers' roadway, with a lifespan of almost 200 years, is also the way for a pilgrim. Once here, almost all of our guests are fascinated by the sundown on the Ubeinbrücke because of its beautiful artistry. One of the most prominent are the Mingun bells and the statues of Mingun, which are regarded as symbols of the city.

Mingun stupas leave a powerful imprint on the visitor with the burned tiles that have remained unchanged for millennia.

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