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Po-lawng, Myanmar. The Saw Moon Light Pan Po. One of Myanmar's miracles - Review of the Po Win Daung Caves, Monywa, Myanmar

It is a spectacular place with so many Buddha's carvings in caverns and burrow. So many people have made caverns and most of them have Buddha sculptures and murals. "But >> even caverns are sand and dust, you have to take off your boots when you go into the caverns, because these are places of worship.

Buddha pictures and wall murals. After that we walked for over 2 hrs through the many, many sandstones. If we hadn't had such a great leader, we would have lost many of the little things of interest, like the grottos cut during the English occupying forces and over which the Leo and the Comb of the Unicorn are engraved, or the decorations from the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, which contain a picture of a Portugese merchant; recognizable by his long hook-nosed beard!

Were you in Po Win Daung Caves?

The Myanmar Times

Away for 20 years, Po Po Po, the evil child of the Myanmar arts community, stages a comeback in his very own way. It began to post some of his old pictures on Facebook and they came. "I did it in 1995," he says, pointing to a nice collection of black-and-white painting as if it were the most self-evident thing in the underworld.

It was in fact the most self-evident thing in the whole wide universe, at least for him. "Car Kinetic Drawings" is a line in which Po Po Po had the paintbrushes carrying the emotion he carried in him. Several canvases are painted softly and softly in a softly coloured colour, others see large spots of blackened ink that the painter has just thrown on them.

He says the pictures are a mirror image of his spirit - and according to the results, Po Po Po is impulsively gifted and above all free. In the Myanmar arts community Po Po Po has not been alive for 20 years. It was not that he had seen the painter's blockade, no, but he simply could not bear the way Burma created the arts - rather the inflexible habits of Myanmar's civil servants and gallery owners.

As an artist, Po po po po left his homeland and instead concentrated on the global stage. Entering the field of foreign artistic happenings was like taking a step into a completely different underworld. He was astonished at the way how they thought about the arts and saw their place in our societies at various festivals. He was also affected by the use of cutting-edge technologies - for someone who came from an abandoned and backward Myanmar.

He entered the Yangon arts in 1980. Exhibits of his work included works of period painting and sculpture. There were 31 abstracted and non-figurative works and five of them. In Myanmar, his last show - which led to a dispute with Judson Hall - was entitled "Solid Concepts". This spitfire has certainly forgotten to use the term "middle way", but he is now reincarnated in Myanmar.

Indeed, 20 years later, Po Po Po staged a discreet comeback at home with "Auto Kinetic Drawing". If you are interested enough, you will only see 20 pictures from the initial 60 pictures-set. He painted all his pictures in 1990 and 1995, just before he ceased to paint.

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