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Myanmar: Corpses found after plane crash with 122 on Board | World Newspaper

Corpses and rubble were found in the sea after a Myanmar aircraft over the Andaman Sea with 122 troops, members of the families and crews on it disappeared, the army said in a declaration. The army said three corpses - those of two grown-ups and a kid - were found by a naval vessel 35 km from the south coastal city of Launglon.

An airplane bike, which was thought to originate from the Chinese Y-8-200F transportation plane, was also found, according to the report. It had flown from South Burma to Yangon when contacts were broken on Wednesday afternoons. Gen. Myat Min Oo said just now that the Chinese Y-8 turbo-prop plane carried 106 people - mostly members of the army's family - and 14 members of the flight crews when it disappeared on Wednesday afternoons.

Not uncommonly, such services transport civil personnel to compensate for the transport cost of soldiers based in the somewhat isolated North. "He said that the airplane was abandoned and abandoned after taking off from Myeik, and now the army has begun a maritime and aerial exploration of navy vessels and airplanes and is getting ready for emergency missions.

At first, the commander's bureau said that six Navy vessels and three aircrafts were looking for the plane at the end of Wednesday. Until Thursday mornings she had nine navy vessels, five armed forces planes and three choppers in operation. Myeik, also known as Mergui, is a town in the southeast of Myanmar on the Andaman-coastline.

On the Facebook page of the Army Commandant, Senior General Min Aung Hlaing, an advertisement said that the Myeik plane took off at 1:06 pm and the connection was broken at 1:35 pm when it was thought to be about 32 km south of Dawei, formerly known as Tavoy. Myanmar was given the Y-8 aircraft in March last year and has recorded 809 air travel time since.

During a second notice on Wednesday evening, the commander's bureau said that six naval vessels and three naval aircrafts were looking for the missed plane.

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