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Visiting Myanmar Places

Myanmar's best sights. One of our favourite places in Myanmar to visit for a reason - incredible trekking. There is a rich historical culture and so many old pagodas. It is by far one of the best tourist attractions in Myanmar and one of the most visited places in the country. Which summer destination?

Which are the best places in Myanmar, and can I walk all over the land?

Myanmar, the country of the Pagoda, is one of the hotest tourism destinations in Southeast Asia after Thailand and Vietnam. Sightseeing and activities that you can choose based on your itinerary/number of day. Constructed in the sixth c. by the Mon tribes, the place contains holy relicts such as the garment of Kassapa and scalp of Gautama Buddha.

This is one of the most important destinations in Yagon used by the Burmese monarchs to visit the ancient empire. It is generally referred to as "the biggest textbook in the world", as 729 plates of sandstone are labeled with Buddhistic doctrines. The Mahamuni Pagoda is one of the most important Buddhistic pilgrimages in Myanmar, built in 1785 by King Bodawpaya of the Konbaung family.

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andalay was the last capitol of Myanmar's third empire. It' 668 km from Yangon. It is a replica of Myanmar's recent past. TANDALAY represents all aspects of Myanmar's old education, culture and people. andalay is the home and keeper of the best Myanmar musical and dancing tradition.

Mandalayans preserve the correct Myanmar vernacular. Mandalay is the richest place of worship than any other Myanmar town. Other touristic sites are Mandalay Hill, Mya-nan-san-kyaw..... Myanmar Monywa is a town in the Sagaing Division, Myanmar, 136 km northwest of Mandalay on the east shore of the Chindwin River.

Situated on the Mandalay-Budalin line, it is best accessed by coach, as the Mandalay- Budalin route is very well developed. Monywa's rugged rugs are known throughout Myanmar. This pagoda is in the state of Mon. Kyaikhto is about 20 km from the city. Yangon used to be a small fishermen's settlement, a reed-covered maze of cabins, before it was made the capital of Burma by colonialists.

Nowadays, the municipality is also known as Asia´s Gardenity. Yangon people will see their dream come real - the capital has so much to boast - except for a "nightlife". Bagan's remains occupy an area of 42 square kilometres and include over 2000 antique palagodas and churches.

This charming town is situated in the countrys Tropic area, on the banks of the Irrawaddy River, some 193 kilometres south-east of Mandalay. The Bagan exhibits the Myanmar architecture from the eleventh to the middle of the fortnight. Bagan is the more unusual of the two towns for many people because of the views.

Ile is one of the most visited destinations in Shan State. It' a town and the capitol of the Bago region in Myanmar. It' 80 km (about 50 miles) from Yangon. As the old capitol of Mon Kingdom in the fifteenth centuary, you can savour the Bago sight-seeing experience complete with the old Buddha pictures.

It' a health spa in Mandalay Division in Myanmar, about 67 kilometres eastern of Mandalay and at an elevation of 1070 metres (3510 feet). Originally it was a Shan-Dorf between Naungcho and Mandalay at Lashio-Mandalay-Straße. Also known as "Pan Myo Daw", which means "The City of Flowers", for its various varieties and colourful and intensive cultivated-flower.

Myanmar Pindaya, three hours by car from Helo, is a small village in the Shan State area. Well-known for its 9000 Buddha sculptures, the caves are also a busy trading centre on a small pond. The Ngapali is the most attractive of Myanmar's best shores.

It has a lovely sand dunes on the Bay of Bengal and is located in the state of Rakhine in Myanmar. In addition to the usual seaside activity, Ngapali also offers visits to small fishermen's towns and nearby market towns, exploration of the landscape by bike and a cruise to the wonderful islets.

The 18-hole golf course is also only 15 min by car from the motel to satisfy the tastes of those who play golf on the shore. Sundown overlooking the sand of Ngapali. Ngapali Beach history Once there was a..... Once Mrauk U Myanmar was one of the most mighty kingdoms in the world.

In its day, Mrauk U was one of the foremost trading cities, and numerous channels let small and large ships pass by. Myanmar was also known as "Myohaung", which means the antic town. Today there are about 70 known and designated ruin-fagodas, while there are many more unknowns in this antic town.

The capital of Kachin State is Myitkyina. It is located in a shallow basin that gets really warm during the heat of the year and very wet during the monsun. The" Myit-son", the junction of the rivers Mekha and Malika, 45 km northerly of the capital, forms the big Ayeyarwaddy, which flows through the whole area.

This is a tourist site for domestic and international tourists. Tagaing is the Myanmar based city of the Legaing Division. Situated on the Ayeyarwady Riviera, 20 km south-west of Mandalay on the opposite shore of the rivier. Tagaing is a monastery and worship centre with a large number of buddhistic cloisters.

For a short time it is again positioned as the imperial capitol of Burma from 1760-1764. British Innwa Bridge with 16 spans links Sagaing to Mandalay and crosses the powerful Ayeyarwaddy River. He is known for his silversmithing work in Ywa Htaung and ceramics in the Nwe Nyein town. Views from the Ayeyarwaddy River to Legaing Hill You can.....

Myanmar Kalaw is in Shan State, Myanmar. The Kalaw is a favourite mountain resort in Myanmar. Kalaw plains are populated by the Shan ethnical groups such as PaO and Palaung or the long-necked population. Mingun, Myanmar is a city in Sagaing Division, Myanmar, 11 km up the Ayeyarwaddy River from Mandalay.

The Republic of Myanmar's administration city. Situated in the centre, it is 391 km from Yangon and 302 km from Mandalay and easy to reach from all parts of the state. Nay Pyi Taw operates every day from Nay Pyi Taw to the trade and business capitol Yangon and the culture capitol Mandalay.

Situated in the Sagaing region of Myanmar, 64 mile (...) northwest of Mandalay on the east shore of the Chindwin River. The birthplace of King Alaungpaya, who founded the Kone Baung Dynasty. From 1760-1764 Shwebo was the kingly capitol of Myanmar. It used the metropolis as a basis for the conquest of Innwa and Lower Myanmar and founded the Third Myanmar Empire.

In the 1780' s his heir, King Hsinbyushin, relocated the capitol to Amarapura,..... Myanmar Chaung Thar Beach is one of the most visited in Myanmar. Only 6hrs from Yangon. Alternatively, take a steamboat ride from Yangon along the Twante Channel to Pathein and then a one and a half hrs bus ride to Chaung Thar Beach.

It is also very well loved and well known in Myanmar. The Ngwe Saung is also located on the Bengal Gulf on the westerly Myanmar coastline, almost directly on the westerly side of Yangon and just south of Ngapali. In the last four or five years it has become very much appreciated by visitors and the qualities of the beaches, the sands and the waters are similar to those of Ngapali Beaches.

Up until recently, the only way to reach the shore was by road (about 5-6 hour drive) from Yangon, or by a touristy boat..... The name Amarapura means "City of Immortality" and is a town in the Mandalay Division of Myanmar, 11 km southward of Mandalay. Sometimes the natives call it Taungmyo (southern town) to differentiate it from Mandalay (northern town).

In 1783, shortly after his accession to the Konbaung dynasty, King Bodawpaya (1781-1819) established Amarapura as his new city. He was given the first UK diplomatic mission to Burma in 1795. Between 1841-1857 King Mindon Min (1853-1878) made Amarapura the capitol again before he..... Mt Popa (Mt. Popa) Myanmar is about 50km from Bagan.

They were 55 km south-east of Bagan. The name Taunggyi means "big mountain" in the Myanmar state. On the full lunar Tazaungmon (the eight of the Myanmar lunar calendar) Taunggyi organizes a embrace fireballstival. It' s also a bustling trade station and the city fairs are full of China and Thailand goods, which are transported every day via the Tachileik and Mongla borders.

The Pakokku community is part of the Pakokku district in the Magway Division of Myanmar (Burma). Situated on the west shore of the Ayeyarwady River, it is a place where tobaccoplantations thrive, as Myanmar's farming is of great interest to migrants.

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