Myanmar places to Visit

Visiting Myanmar Places

The sunrises in Bagan are truly breathtaking and when you see the sun illuminating the plain of the Bagan Temple, it is an iconic moment in Myanmar. Dawn at Shwe Sandaw Pagoda, Bagan, Myanmar. The Mandalay Royal Palace and Mandalay Hill in Myanmar. Sundown near Shwedagon Paya (Pagoda) in Central Yangon, Myanmar. Have a look at our top selection of must-visit destinations in Myanmar (formerly known as Burma).

Top 10 places to visit in Myanmar

Burma is a stunning land and has stolen a part of our heart to the edge of icons as we got off the airplane and ended up in this mad, beautiful and inspiring world. From Inle Lake to Yangon, the shambolic imperial capitol, to the stunning Bagan temples, Myanmar is still one of the jewels of Southeast Asia.

Here are our 10 best places in Myanmar! The sunrise in Bagan is truly stunning and when you see the bright sunlight on the Bagan Plains, it is an icons of Myanmar. Mt Popa is a Myanmar postcard: a holy convent with stupa enthroned on an extinguished vulcano. With 777 stairs leading to the summit of Mount Popa, the home of Myanmar's most mighty nat, the trail is fringed with apes looking for shelter!

Bagan is close to Old and New Bagan and Nyaung-U. Nyaung-U, a mixture of shop-shops and locals about 3 km from the temple, is our favorite. The Bagan Hotel has a tendency to make quick bookings, so make sure you make your reservations in time. Kakku, one of Myanmar's most dramatic couples, is a secret jewel of Shan State.

It' a rally of 2,478 stupa ordered 2,000 years ago, and it is a cultural and cultural center for the Pa'O nation, a Myanmar based buddhistic group. It can be reached by a half days excursion from Lake Inle and due to municipal law it is necessary to travel with a native guidebay.

One of the most beautiful seas in the whole wide globe, Inle is one of the most beautiful seas in the area. The stilts and buddhistic temple that rise out of the swampy reed make it even more attractive. A cruise on one of the slim wood ships with a long tails is the best way to explore the Inle Sea and it is an honour to be able to experience the stillness and void of the water, as well as to observe the typical hovering atmosphere of the town.

Myanmar's sunsets are reflected in the jar like a sea and provide a wonderful backdrop. Several hundred reddish, whitish and browns stupa in various decay conditions are standing on a mound in Indein, a Myanmar town at the end of a small stream right on Inle lake.

It was an memorable visit to Inle See around the mere fact of the lakes. It is recommended to stay in one of the lakeside resort, all of which have immediate lakeside accessibility from the hotel. While the Shwedagon Pagoda is a delight at any hour of the night, the tranquillity of the visit after dusk is something really notable.

It is the holiest Buddhist in Myanmar, as it probably contains the remains of four former Buddhas and is mostly full of worshippers at nigh. After dark, the gold glory of the silhouette is stunning. The Irrawaddy Riviera, Myanmar's longest riverbank, promises an insight into marine and coastal living.

Past country towns and the fisherfolk while observing everyday living in Myanmar on the bank of the riverbank is an immersive and tranquil one. Formerly part of Roayl Palace, the Golden Palace Monastery near Mandalay Hill is decorated with spectecular woodcarvings of Buddhist myth. It is totally different from all other places of worship in Myanmar and an absolutely unique Mandalay city.

Mahamuni Pagoda is one of the most important places of pilgrimage in Myanmar and is home to the Mahamuni Buddha picture, which is the most venerated Buddha picture in the world. Over 1km across Lake Taungthaman, the spectacular sundown at the U Bein Bridge is one of the most widely viewed attractions in Myanmar and more than deserving of the award.

On another sunset in Myanmar, the indigenous friars set off across the river and returned to their cloister. After that we remained in the centre of Mandalay, which was a good starting point to explore the town. Mandalay is surrounded by the most important monuments, so that a stay in a centrally located motel makes the exploration of the town much easter.

Link 78 Mandalay Buero is a new shop in the centre of Mandalay and an ideal starting point for discovering the town. Soak up the sundown from the roof top canteen. The Mandalay Red Canal is the ideal place to explore the Golden Palace and Mandalay Hill, with a lovely swimming pools and spas.

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