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Flies from Mandalay to Heho and then to Inle Lake. What is the best place to stay in Bagan? In Ngapali Beach, where you can spend the night on a budget. Free WiFi is available throughout the hotel to keep you connected and productive. All in all, Yangon is a wonderful place to explore, stroll and take a walk.

Live in a registred location? - The Myanmar Message Board

Live in a registred location? I' m planning to go to Myanmar in January. I' ve just seen on the government website that I can only stay in registred properties and shelters. How do I know which property is booked before I book? I' m guessing Airbnb's not supposed to, is he? Live in a registred location?

We have 100 gîtes and B&B's enrolled in TA and elsewhere. Live in a registred location? For the stay of international visitors they need a licence, which is quite costly, some pensions can only accommodate local people. AAirBnB is a small gray area, some of them are regular inns/hostels.

Live in a registred location? I heard there's no such thing as apartments. Thought maybe the place wasn't OAT unregistered (?) OAT guys didn't know anything. I just gave them TWO of our properties with adresses, excused me (you can't look back) and they answered quickly - with an "OK" and then allowed my application quickly and then you just printed it out.

Live in a registred location? Live in a registred location? Live in a registred location? You may have trouble locating accommodation off the well-trodden paths. Live in a registred location? However, not all of them are 2 years or longer out of date because the licence changes.

Myawaddy is no longer under license for 2 seats. There are many places that are not in travel guides, but are recorded. Live in a registred location? And, yes, the Airbnb's name was AirBed & Breakfast. Later this was converted to Airbnb and air mattresses are no longer used. Hostals Inclusive? Live in a registred location?

The majority of the offers of our company are not privately owned houses, but rather lodgings or pensions. You only use as your reservation page AirBenb - probably because it is less expensive than aggoda et al. Had a vietnamesian innkeeper and he said that reservation fees are 20%, reasonably safe abnb much less than that.

Anyway, I am for the next 2 nights reserved in a guest house in a hotel in Aangon. I assume they are registred as hosts for aliens.

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