Myanmar places to go

Burma Places to Go

Myanmar is the perfect place to get to know each other by bike, with its gently rolling terrain, quiet streets, a wealth of outdoor attractions and idyllic rural scenery. Myanmar Holidays Travel Tribes Sudanese Burma (Myanmar) was described by Mr Kipling as'quite different from any other place you know' and it still sounds that way today. Beyond this, there are still towns and countryside where folk still carry folk clothing as part of their daily lives, travelling by horses and wagons and earning a livelihood like their ancestors.

But this is not a country wrapped in jelly, it is undergoing change, it is developing, and it is part of the attraction for the visitors to experience this progressive change. Visiting this particular country will make you feel illuminated and rich. You will find below some of our most popular accommodation in Burma.

You can also view our entire list of real estate by pressing the "All accommodation" tab. If you are interested in traveling to Burma, we will be happy to help you organize your itinerary. Speak to a Burma tourism professional today. Schedule your tailor-made vacation in Burma. Myanmar (Burmese) is the country's main foreign tongue.

Bt-Places To Go In Myanmar: The first time a travel guide

Myanmar, also known as Burma in formal terms, quickly gains a good name as a tourist destination. Burma is a Southeast Asian state. Myanmar has recently seen 51 million inhabitants from different cultures and nationalities. All in all, Myanmar is known as a relatively traditional, largely buddhistic state.

As far as the tourist industry is concerned, Myanmar has made tremendous progress in the last 5 years. Myanmar was insulated on the international scene due to a long record of civil unrest and armed conflict, which resulted in trading penalties and limited opportunities for travelling. Myanmar is the ultimate treasure for travelers.

It is a land of safety, affordability, cultural richness and a very interesting story. Myanmar is ideal for both groups and individuals. The majority of visitors have a tendency to drive to the hot spots of Yangon, Bagan and Inle Lake, and while these places meet expectations, there are many more great areas of the state.

To really indulge Myanmar, we would say that you should go for about 2 week. So you have enough free space to move around and really appreciate the place. Anyone who has never been to Asia must know that timing and organization are somewhat more laid-back than in other regions of the world such as Europe.

It is the liveliest and most populous town in the whole state and a great place to stay for a few nights. There' are many great places of interest such as the Shwedagon Pagoda, but the highlights are the enjoyment of downtown Yangon's cityscape. Read our What To Do In Yangon articles for more information.

To get some practical information and advice on Yangon, see this articel. It is renowned for its fishermen folk, who are living in swimming homes made of natural wood. It is recommended to spend about 4 days, so you can also do some night walks around the area. Here you can find our travel guidebook about the Inlesee.

It is a warm and arid central part of the countryside, dotted with splendid old Stupa and Temple. It' rewarding to walk up the hillside at sundown or dawn just to get a view of the cityscape. As I said, Myanmar is very big and very many-sided. Of course there are many other places to see.

Very near Lake Inle. From here we walked to Inle Lake and gave it a high rating. An old capitol just a few hrs from Yangon. A further old part of Myanmar with many interesting churches and cloisters. It'?s the best visiting time: Myanmar is best visited between October and March.

Remember that November and December is usually the high season for tourists, so you' re expecting larger numbers and higher rates, especially in Yangon, Inle Lake and Bagan. Burma is a big place, so it can take a long way to get anywhere. Over night busses can be less than $10 and in most places are last minutes reserved by small coaches.

However, you can look forward to very long (hours and hours) and sometimes really inconvenient travels. Burma currently has some rather poor roads, although they are gradually getting better. There are a number of airlines in Myanmar, most of which serve the same routes. It is usually at least ten of the cost of the coach, but you are saving your working day that is sometimes needed for these brief outings.

In our opinion, the airline companies were outstanding and very secure. Several of Myanmar's carriers are Al KBZ, Asian Wings Airways, Golden Myanmar Airways and Mann Yadanarpon Airways. So if you are one of those shabby travelers who walks an hours to find a low-cost place to eat, we suggest you go to Southeast Asia.

Myanmar is very inexpensive in comparison to Europe and slightly more costly in comparison to the remainder of Southeast Asia. Though keeping in mind more busy places like Bagan and Inle Lake are a little more expensive and you might actually have to sign up at least a few more days in advance during the high seasons.

Continue your journey: Well, you can go from Myanmar almost anywhere in Southeast Asia. The Yangon and Mandalay Airport link Thailand, Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. As there are also many boarder crossing points, it is possible to continue by coach. Remember that entry from Myanmar to Bangladesh and India is definitely not advised due to the continuing upheavals.

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