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Burma Square

Sadly, I still managed to miss some places I want to see. ""This is definitely not the place for backpackers," says Barker. Anyplace that costs you a lot is a good place to move in. Sites of peace and power. Myanmar - Bagan, Myanmar - Shwedagon Pagoda, Yangon, Burma - Bago, Burma (Myanmar).

Romantic Places in Burma

Featuring gold stupas piercing the skyline, an inhabited island with cream-white coastline and stylish places to turn heads (think of colorful mansions and five-star liners....) Burma was made for lovers. Whenever the tourist industry opens for the first get-together somewhere, there are often hectic shouts of "Go now before it changes", and while the lovely Myeik Islands are (fortunately) largely safe from a massive flow of tourists, you will never find it more peacefully than now.

To get the best view of Macleod Island, go to the highest lookout and look across the vastness of the ocean as it circles the wooded promontories. Snorkeling back on the coast to see the colorful underwater world or relaxing on the lonely sand coast of Macleod Island.

It' the ideal place to perform shipwrecked games together. It is perhaps the most beloved place in Burma (Myanmar) with breathtaking vistas of the plain, which is home to two thousand coupons (continue, try and count!). While you can exchange these opinions with other travelers, there are many coupons that you can leave to yourself.

Situated in Inle Lake: stalked towns, a hilly scenery, quiet water..... and hot spot where motor boats buzz, visitors click on a camera and swimming clatter. However, as the second biggest sea in Burma (Myanmar) there are many remote places to which one can flee. Kayak in the mornings to Sagar (in the south of the lake) to see the "sunken stupas" in the afternoons.

Right behind the Yangon street you can see the broad boulevard of the diplomats' district and its lovely colorful casa. A 45-minute ascent over cliffy paths to Kyaiktiyo Basecamp is rewarded with stunning vistas over the Mon State Ranges at the top. It' good to see your visitors at dusk and see the golden colour fading away as darkness sets in.

We know all the mysteries for a relaxing holiday in Burma, contact us to get started with the plan.

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