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We' ve got reviews of the best places in Myanmar. Birth place (birth at the health facility): The percentage of live births in the three years prior to the survey that took place at the health facility. Prepare to experience the wonders of Myanmar! What is certain is that there is no other place in the world with more pagodas.

The top 5 sights on your first journey to Myanmar

Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, is a land of secrets and spirit. It has been little known to foreigners for generation, but it has opened up to international tourists and is quickly becoming an interesting and intriguing vacation area. Myanmar offers tranquility and magic among the gold stupas, sanctuaries, paddy paddies and scenic mountain itineraries.

When you plan your first trip to this old country, you should not miss these sights in Myanmar. Enjoy your stay in the town centre, in the raster of the Sule Paya street, a gold marble which is one of the most important symbols of the town. Travelers usually only take a trip out of this area to see the main tourist feature of the famous Shwedagon Paya Lagoon, but you should also take the opportunity to travel a little further north for a few sightseeing tours along the shores of Lake Kandawgyi.

The Kyaiktiyo Paya is one of the most iconsic places and also one of the most important Buddhist places in the state. Situated on a gold cliff that has been carved by generation of males. Masculine travelers can join the group to enhance the shine of the gold cliff, but females must keep a small gap.

Even the gold cliff lies on a bigger one. The enormous, calm sea is a high point of many visitors to Myanmar. The Inle-See is very worn out, but is not run over by people. Also, the surrounding area' s regional market is not restricted to the sale of touristic tattoos, but is very much oriented towards the area' s people.

Go on a cruise to learn more about the fishers and peasants who go to the lakes to work. Only a few places in the whole wide globe can be compared to the temples in the plain of Bagan, where over 2,000 Buddhist monasteries are overloaded. Ride into the sky in a warm aeroplane to see this astonishing place at its best.

Hike through Old Bagan, the area with the highest concentrations of important historical sights, such as the ancient brick building and many of the most spectacular monasteries and palaces. It is a very touristic place, but the places are so stunning that it is definitely rewarding to defy the masses. When the sun sets, you' ll scale one of the temple and enjoy a magnificent view.

This is often regarded as the state' s most important center of culture. Whilst the hustle and bustle and busy schedule may be somewhat reluctant for many international tourists in the beginning, it is definitely a good idea to stick with this town and get to know some of its more attractive districts. Explore the old castle and the concentrations of churches and churches, or take the plunge into some of the calmer areas further westwards, perfectly suited for cycling.

There are many historical sights around the mound.

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