Myanmar Pilot

Burma Pilot

The Pilot Corporation is a Japanese pen manufacturer based in Tokyo, Japan. The Myanmar pilots begin to make their mark thanks to this flight school Myanmar opened its doors to the outside worlds in 2012 after more than 40 years of international and economical insularity. The company is developing into the Asia-Pacific flair of the last ten years for its aerospace sector expansion. Myanmar's aerospace sector will experience a strong phase of expansion as the nation's operating climate improves, according to CAPA - Center for Aviation, the leader in providing global coverage of third-party aerospace information, analytics and information gathering and service.

"There is no limit to the possibilities for all kinds of airlines - national, overseas, national, global, low-cost and full services airlines - in the middle run, as the Myanmar region is now the most unsupplied region in ASEAN and perhaps all of Asia," CAPA said. This type of air transport regulation, together with newly structured capital expenditure legislation, offers many possibilities for individuals at home and abroad to participate in the sustained growth of air transport in Myanmar.

This number of such trends signals the increasing need for airline staff. This is why many Myanmar citizens use the benefits of air travel to make their dream of air travel come true. The Philippines is chosen by Myanmar citizens as their place of learning due to the arrival of air travel colleges in the Philippines offering high level air travel instruction.

Indeed, there are already 25 pupils who have been educated at the flight training centre as part of the Fast Track Pilot Programme and are now working with various Myanmar carriers. The Myanmar pilot has made a name for himself with several large carriers in her home country, including Myanmar Airways International (MAI), Air Began, Asian Wings Airways, Air Mandalay and Yangon Airways.

They are Htoo Tsaw Alung (MAI), ye pya ( "Air Bagan"), Ta do kyawa (MAI), Azar si Tao (MAI), Azar kywa (MAI), Sai Kazan full (MAI), Kazan kaw (MAI), Do Thura ( "Air Bagan"), pya the ttoo ( "Air Bagan"), tu Ku Akung ("Asian Wings Airways"), Wah Yoan Mind Winin, Ahung Koo Koyaw, Same Mind Kyaaw,

might scream (Air Mandalay), phyolwin (Yangon Airways), yaw winds morning (Air Mandalay), sweet morning (Asian Wings Airways), tereza winds morning (Air Bagan), Yangon Airways, Air Bagan, Air Bagan, Air Bagan, Air Bagan, MAI, Nay minute, Air Bagan, Air Bagan, kyaw telephone mo (MAI), Kuun Leng and Nay mung.

The WCC's commitment to employ only the best aeronautical experts who meet the highest security requirements and offer full and up-to-date installations and equipments.

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