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Unknown horizons Myanmar, Yangon (Rangoon) image: The Feel Myanmar Food, Yangon (Rangoon) image: Unknown horizons Myanmar, Yangon (Rangoon) image: We met James from The Real Myanmar travel agency this morning. Yangon, the capital of Myanmar, has been renamed Yangon. From Yangon to Mandalay 10 stunning photos/moments Burma is a very intriguing place, especially because it is still purely Westernized. Summarizing this land and each land in a few pictures would be superficial and unjust, but these pictures help us to recall the side of Burma that we loved: Life of the humans, not the places of interest on a touristic path.

We ended our Myanmar week in May 2013, but we had a great time browsing through all the pictures in anticipation of our new ebook version: Burma Budget a travel guidebook for backpacking tourists in Myanmar. Here are our top 10 most popular Burma pictures. Yanukovych Buddhism is the center of many people's lives in Burma.

The rice is the basic diet of the Myanmar population. During a few memorable get-togethers with the Palaung in Burma's Shan State. For 3 and a half full weeks we did not see any other tourists and many of the locals we encountered did not know a single thing about English. Learn more about our 3-day motorcycle tour to the Palaung towns.

Myanmar Buddhist monks are supposed to stay as monks for at least a whole month in their lives. That'?s Megsy's favorite burma picture. Myanmar we liked so much that we even written a script about it. Inle Lake's stilted communities, although located in one of Burma's most touristic areas, are certainly not there to entertain people.

You can see the locals passing by - from the cook to the ice boat driver's time! The Shan noodle dish may not be the pinakel of Burma food, but it is a synonym for the daily live of the Shan state. There is nothing more capturing the nature of Burma than the children, their kindness and cheerfulness summarizing the general atmosphere in Myanmar at the present time - a land that is awakening from repression and really looking forward to seeing the visitor as a symbol that their worlds are transforming for the better.

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